Targetprocess is a software tool to visualize and manage Agile projects with full support for Scrum, Kanban or a customized Agile method. Create new bugs on Targetprocess projects, or link error groups to existing Targetprocess bugs, all directly from within Raygun. Easy!

Setup instructions

  1. In Raygun, on the application sidebar, click ‘Integrations’, then ‘Targetprocess’:

  2. Click the ‘Setup’ tab, then enter your Targetprocess URL, login name and password

    To find your login, log in to Targetprocess, click your avatar, then click on ‘My Profile’

  3. Click ‘Save Changes’

  4. Choose the Targetprocess Project you want Raygun to connect with and then check the ‘Enabled’ checkbox.

  5. Click ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done!

  6. You can now create a new Targetprocess bug from a Raygun error group, or link an existing Targetprocess bug with a Raygun error group.

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