The Platforms tab gives a comprehensive overview of the platforms site users use, including the percentage breakdowns and numbers. Platforms are both valuable in terms of operating system, but also on how mobile is compared to desktop engagement. Mobile is increasingly important so Raygun Real User Monitoring makes it easy to understand the performance difference experienced by your mobile users.

Platform usage, in percentages, is located at the top of the screen so you can view the most popular platforms easily:

Average load times

The Average load times table shows the average load times of mobile and desktop platforms across the date range specified:

If the data has a large range of platform load times, viewing the data with the logarithmic scale turned on might make the graph easier to read. The checkbox is located in the upper right corner.

Platform stats

The Top 50 platforms table displays the percentage and number of views per specific platform version in descending order, as well as the percentage and number of users per platform.

You can group operating systems together by clicking the checkbox on the upper right corner: