Core Web Vitals

Optimizing for performance is key for ensuring users are having delightful digital experiences. Core Web Vitals are Google’s response to this fact, and can now be monitored and improved directly within Raygun.

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What are Core Web Vitals?

  • Three metrics that rate the overall user experience of your website, focusing on the user's ability to consume and interact with the page
  • Additional information that Google uses to determine your organic search rankings on mobile devices
  • A modern, simplified approach to monitoring your users' digital experience

Why are Core Web Vitals important?

  • Reduce friction and frustration from your users' digital experience
  • Help developers to prioritize and measure website optimizations
  • Improve your Google Search ranking to drive more organic traffic

Monitor and improve Core Web Vitals with Raygun

Raygun’s first-class support for Core Web Vitals gives you real user insights you can trust, alongside all the diagnostics you need to take action.

Surface real user CWV data that you can trust

  • Real user data means you can have assurance that your CWVs are accurate
  • See at a glance the total percentage of page loads classified as “good”, “needs improvement”, and “poor” with our intuitive traffic light bar and see the total number of affected users in each class
  • Track how your CWVs are trending over time with the performance over time graph, with a toggle for each individual CWV

Filter data by what matters to you most

  • Filter by geo-location, browser, and more for greater granular detail
  • Monitor and compare segments over time and see how recent optimizations have impacted your CWV scores
  • Toggle between desktop and mobile traffic to see how your scores vary across devices

Unlock greater context in order to take action

  • Don’t just get visibility into your CVWs, get actionable insights and diagnostics that help you to take action
  • Understand exactly how your application performed for every user session with instance-level diagnostics on every page request
  • Diagnose performance bottlenecks with a full waterfall breakdown of load times across DNS, latency, SSL, server, and transfer times
Real User Monitoring Dashboard

Understand and improve Core Web Vitals

  • Take action and monitor the changes in your Core Web Vitals over time
  • Understand and prioritize performance optimizations that have the biggest impact
  • Easily report on and communicate improvements to your team and stakeholders

See actionable performance data in minutes

Prioritize performance optimizations that have the biggest impact and easily report on and communicate improvements to your team and stakeholders.

Free unlimited monitoring for 14 days

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