Instant visibility into the health of your software

Actionable, real-time insights into the quality and performance of your web and mobile apps. Detect, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly to deliver flawless digital experiences for your customers.

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Actionable insights, right down to code level

Real User Monitoring

Quickly identify and resolve front-end performance issues impacting real users. Understand exactly how your application performed for every user session and page load.

Application Performance Monitoring

Actionable APM software to help you pinpoint problems and resolve issues faster. Get the answers you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Error & Crash Reporting

Control the chaos around solving software bugs. Quickly diagnose problems in your codebase, enjoy faster development cycles and make sure users are having error free experiences.


Your single pane of glass for monitoring the health of your software, dashboards visualize critical error and performance data in a single, highly customizable source of truth.

Deployments Tracking

Raygun’s advanced deployment tracking system keeps a watchful eye over every deployment. Instantly know when something goes wrong and see exactly how to fix it.

Customer Experience Monitoring

Customers are why we create software. See them all, what they do, and how they're impacted by errors, crashes and performance issues when using your software applications.

Application monitoring software for web and mobile apps

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We build monitoring tools that thousands of developers love and use every day.

  • Monitor every corner of your tech stack with widespread language support and native integrations with GitHub, Jira, Slack, Bitbucket, and more, for even greater visibility.
  • Get set up in minutes with our lightweight SDKs and agents.
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Your data, is your data. Raygun comes fully equipped with encrypted data storage and robust in-built privacy controls.


We adhere to the most stringent security requirements and are HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI compliant.


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