It’s time for APM to enter a whole new dimension

Smarter application performance monitoring that lets you understand and take
action on software issues affecting your customers.

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Diagnose and fix performance issues faster with Raygun APM

  • A powerful application performance management tool that helps you monitor the performance of your software
  • Actionable insights and workflows, not just charts. Curate your own list of issues ranked by priority, alongside detailed diagnostics that let you find the root-cause of performance issues faster than ever before
  • Easily identify and drill down into any application performance issue, including the exact line of code, function, database or API call that is causing the problem
  • Easily include APM in your team's day to day workflow and combine server-side timings with errors, crashes and front end performance data for a true 360 degree view of your end user experience

Built-in issue detection and creation

Stop wasting time having to search for the answers to your biggest application performance problems. Raygun APM intelligently identifies the highest priority things you can do to improve your end user’s experience and automatically creates the issues for you. Prioritize, assign, discuss and solve them as a team.

APM issues dashboard

Work smarter, not harder to improve your application performance

Dramatically boost team efficiency when diagnosing problems discovered in production. Deep dive into the root cause behind poor user experiences and enjoy automatic links back to source, creating an unbeatable issue resolution workflow. Raygun APM fits right in with the tools your team already use to ship software.

Application performance managment flamechart to github

Start your journey to improved customer experiences

Currently APM supports .NET with other languages such as Java & Ruby coming soon.

Free during beta

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