Application Performance Monitoring

Deliver fast, high quality customer experiences

We’ve redefined what APM should be, giving your team greater context and diagnostic tools into your biggest performance questions. Discover and pinpoint the root cause of performance issues with greater speed and accuracy than traditional APM solutions.

Actionable data rather than just clues

All the diagnostic information you need to solve your biggest performance questions

  • See overall performance timings with high detail, visual flame charts of every trace
  • Precise and accurate method level timings, as well as high-level overviews and trends
  • Customizable dashboards ensure your whole team maintains visibility on application health
  • Automatic issue detection and code level insight into performance bottlenecks
Application Performance Monitoring Flamechart

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is currently available in the following languages

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  • .Net Core Logo
  • Azure Logo
  • Ruby Logo

Deeper insights that give you X-ray vision into your software performance

Know exactly which function was executed, how long it ran for and where it was called from. Effortlessly find root causes and fix issues quickly. In-depth transaction details that show exact method calls, including the external dependencies for apps of any size and complexity.

Raygun APM vs traditional APM

Built-in issue detection and creation

Stop wasting time having to search for the answers to your biggest application performance problems. Raygun APM intelligently identifies the highest priority things you can do to improve your end user's experience and automatically creates the issues for you. Prioritize, assign, discuss and solve them as a team.

APM overview tab
APM issues dashboard

Work smarter, not harder to improve your app performance

Dramatically boost team efficiency when diagnosing problems discovered in production. Deep dive into the root cause behind poor user experiences and enjoy automatic links back to source, creating an unbeatable issue resolution workflow. Raygun APM fits right in with the tools your team already use to ship software.

Application performance management flamechart to github
“With our previous APM tool, we struggled to correlate the problem to the cause. Raygun APM doesn't just tell you what is slow, it tells you why.”

Vidar Sømme - Chief Development Officer, Vetserve

Currently supported languages & frameworks

Application Performance Monitoring Pricing


Per 10K traces, per month

Annually (save 33%) Monthly

Volume discounts avaliable. Contact sales

  • Easily diagnose and resolve server performance issues with code level insights
  • Deep dive into the server side performance bottlenecks
  • Receive prioritised improvement suggestions for your team