Complete visibility over your application health

Monitor how users experience your software, in real-time

Easily create dashboards using drag & drop tiles

Display trends in errors, performance timings, user session traffic and more. Visualise trends for a specific application to provide a holistic picture of your software health.

View data across multiple applications and environments

Display mission critical areas of your software stack in a single, central view. Track software and project health over time with flexible and easy to use widgets across error and performance data.

Share dashboards with your entire team

Share dashboards with the entire team. With unlimited seats, the whole team can have visibility into key trends in software health. Or use our TV Mode to visualise data around the office.

Monitor your entire tech stack, in one place.

A complete view of your software performance

You can't manage what you can't measure. Gain full visibility over your application health to spot trends, track improvements and ensure customers are having great user experiences.

Keep your team accountable and on task

Add Raygun dashboards to office TVs and bring your entire organisation together when it comes to monitoring what matters.

Have confidence you're on top of code quality

Demonstrate to colleagues and stakeholders how your team's software is performing in customers' hands. Never be left guessing when it comes to how your team's software quality impacts key business metrics.

Create and configure your dashboards in seconds

Dashboards allow you to stream data from multiple products and applications within Raygun to give you complete visibility into software health.
  • Overlay data from different applications, to see the complete picture in one place
  • Change the date range to view data over different time periods
  • Add the tiles to display the metrics you care about, giving you peace of mind that you're monitoring the right metrics