Application Monitoring for Customer-centric CTOs

Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications. Empower your team by helping them rapidly surface performance bottlenecks; reducing operational costs and creating delightful customer experiences.
Free unlimited monitoring for 14 days

Laser focus on the customer experience

Leading software teams must have a laser focus on their end-user so that they can build, learn, and iterate faster than their competitors. Raygun makes it quick and easy to see how your code performs in the hands of those who matter most, your customers.

“Ultimately, all that really matters is how real users are feeling when they use your product. Raygun allows you to connect crash reporting, real user monitoring, and application monitoring together so you can see what that user experience is like from start to finish. That's incredibly powerful.”

Greg Shackles - Principal Engineer at Olo

Your single pane of glass for monitoring the health of your software

Visualize critical error and performance data at a glance. With unlimited, highly customizable dashboards, you’ll be able to track the metrics that mean the most to you and your organization. Easily communicate the impact of your team's work, so their effort never goes unrecognized.

“At Vend, everyone is empowered to see the impact of their work. We’re all in this together, which helps to facilitate the culture of ownership. Raygun is an essential part of that toolset.”

Ben Gracewood - Chief Engineering Officer at Vend

Prioritize high-impact fixes and reduce wasted development time

Enjoy faster development cycles by giving your team real-time visibility into every bug, crash, and performance bottleneck. Reduce diagnostic times, and maximize the impact of your development team.

“With Raygun, it’s much easier to diagnose where an issue was occurring. It allows us to dive in there and fix it rather than spending hours trying to figure out what we are looking at.”

Philip Haydon - Application Architect at Peach

  • Receive notifications of errors
  • View detailed crash diagnostics
  • Enjoy full context of user environments
  • See the user actions leading up to an error
  • Monitor web and mobile apps
  • Browse complete user sessions
  • Highlight slow page load speeds
  • Identify problematic front end assets
  • Discover server side performance issues
  • Identify ways to optimize code
  • Automatic APM detection built in
  • Dive into transaction traces and call stacks

Affordable, flexible pricing that only charges for what you use

Our affordable and straightforward pricing means you only pay for what you use. All our plans come fully equipped with unlimited users, applications, and dashboards.

“Thanks to Raygun we’ve saved over $150,000 per year in support costs."

Chris Johnson - Co-founder and CTO at Hyperfish

Start delivering the experience your customers deserve

Free unlimited monitoring for 14 days

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