Be confident your applications are performing for customers

Are your customers happy with their software experience when using your application?

Are things getting better or worse? See error and crash data over time

Are you introducing problems or solving them? Correlate performance trends with error and crash data to see if things are improving for your customers or getting worse. As Raygun detects and diagnoses every problem in your software, the second they happen, you’ll have full visibility. If there’s a problem, you’ll know about it. With filterable error trend graphs, you’ll be able to monitor the overall health of your application over time and be confident your team are on top of things.
"It’s incredibly easy to get started with Raygun, it’s completely plug and play and takes no more than 10 minutes to get up and running. We installed Raygun in minutes and started getting real time error reports instantly."
Andrew Schofield - Chief Technology Officer at Timely

Know exactly when problems were introduced and why

Use Raygun’s deployment tracking capabilities to be alerted to issues caused by bad releases. When new deployments are made, Raygun keeps a watchful eye on your application for issues that have been created. You’ll be able to see exactly when a problem was introduced, with all the information needed to fix things before they cause you bigger problems. When you’re shipping software your customers rely on, Raygun is your safety net, should things not go as expected.

Free up your budget from inefficient workflows

Developers don’t come cheap, and staff costs will likely add the biggest overhead to your organization. If your team are spending their time digging through log files rather than shipping new code, what does that cost you? You're wasting valuable time and money that could be better spent on development.

We've helped software teams all over the world

15 Billion +
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100 Billion +
"For me as a CTO, it helps me feel a bit more comfortable that my team is taking software quality and fault management seriously."
Andrew Schofield - Chief Technology Officer at Timely

100% coverage, every language, every platform

Raygun’s Crash Reporting software works with your entire software development technology stack. Whether you want to monitor errors on your frontend, backend, or specific environments, all errors and crashes will be automatically identified and presented on your Raygun dashboard.
"Raygun has helped us reduce the amount of errors in our applications by roughly 30%. We have an internal QA phase in our development life cycle, but there are always edge cases in production apps. With Raygun error reports, you can see the impact of each bug straight away along with the number of occurrences."
Alex Li - Senior Developer at Touchtech

Agile teams use Raygun to ship software with confidence

Suffering from notification overload? Rather than be bombarded with a flood of messages, Raygun silently monitors your applications in the background and offers smart alerts for you when need to take action.
Raygun integrates with all of your current workflow tools, so it'll fit right in! Notifications are fully customizable, and repeating error instance emails and team chat alerts are sent only when issues are recurring or getting worse, resulting in more signal, and less noise.

Crash Reporting For Mobile Apps

Getting the crash report from a user is difficult for every mobile developer, so we’ve made it easy,  automatically collecting crash reports from the user’s device and presenting the diagnostic details on your Raygun dashboard. Testing can get you so far, but once your app is out in the wild, how will you know whether errors and crashes are occurring for users? Raygun can collect error reports even if the app is offline and send the report when connection is established, this gives mobile developers full visibility over problems affecting their apps.
"Having a robust error tracking product available to us allow us to push software from dev, to staging to production quickly and confidently, which allows us to release early and release often, which for some of our customers is essential to providing the best experience for their staff. From my perspective, I see our software development process being a “before Raygun” and “after Raygun” one."
Nick Witteman - General Manager at Global Office Limited