The Raygun Software Intelligence Platform

Raygun gives you the tools to deliver flawless software experiences to your customers, increase software reliability and ship quality software with confidence each and every time.

Crash Reporting Illustration

Crash Reporting

Monitor every language and platform in your stack for errors and crashes affecting your users.

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Real User Monitoring Illustration

Real User Monitoring

Measure the true performance metrics users encounter when navigating your web and mobile applications.

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User Tracking Illustration

User Tracking

View user sessions to see why they encountered problems that created poor quality user experiences.

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Deployment Tracking Illustration

Deployment Tracking

Ship with confidence and see whether new releases have impacted your application positively or negatively.

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The Benefits

Reproduce issues quickly

Full diagnostic details about each and every bug, crash and performance issue lets you pinpoint the problem and apply the fix, effortlessly.

Boost your ROI

Ensure developers are busy shipping new code and features rather than digging through log files trying to replicate issues found in your codebase.

One platform, one solution

Enjoy full visibility over your entire technology stack within one platform. Raygun supports all programming languages and platforms.

Increase software quality

Track the overall quality of your applications based on real user data and see if things are improving over time.

Increase efficiency

Decrease the mean time to resolve (MTTR) software problems that are affecting your end users. Identify, resolve and deploy - fast.

Create happier customers

Find bugs and identify performance improvements before any users are directly impacted. Create software that performs for your customers.

Reduce support costs

Increasing overall software quality means fewer customers reporting technical issues due to bugs, and a reduction in associated costs.

Streamline your workflows

Bring prioritization for fixes that are affecting your customers into your current development workflows.

Instant error alerts

Smart error grouping and custom error notifications via email and team chat ensure when problems arise, you’ll be on top of it.

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