Break down the walls between your monitoring tools, with one integrated platform

Debug issues faster with full error and crash diagnostics

View comprehensive technical information around bugs, errors and crashes your customers have experienced with Crash Reporting. Right down to the line of code that caused it.

Monitor new code deployments and identify when to roll back

Deployment tracking tells you which release introduced the issue, whether it's been fixed or has reoccurred so you know when problems first appeared and when they’re fixed.

Deliver lightning fast page load speeds and user experiences

See which specific front end assets caused slow page load speeds for the user with Real User Monitoring and how that impacted their user experience.

Discover and fix the bottlenecks affecting application performance

Use Raygun APM to dive into server-side performance diagnostics with fine detail flame charts of traces to find out where poor performance caused an issue.

Walk through user journeys and see where they encounter issues

Retrace every step the user took during their session with Real User Monitoring to see where they encountered a problem and what was the root cause.

Know which specific users encountered problems

See the exact user that was affected. Search for authenticated users of your app by email address to see which issues they've experienced and why.

Tools that work together to give you greater clarity over your software performance

The Raygun Platform offers a fully integrated suite of products to monitor your software applications. Silently monitor every part of your application stack and highlight problems that are affecting end users and customers. Increase software development efficiency. Improve code quality. Spend more time building great software and less time fighting it.