Improve software quality and build flawless user experiences

Are your customers happy with their software experience when using your application?

Raygun fits right in with your teams' workflow

Raygun silently monitors your applications in the background and offers smart alerts for you when your team need to take action. Integrations with your team's software development workflow tools means you can get real-time notifications when issues are affecting your customers, link issues with project management tools or bug trackers and manage the entire workflow from first detection to resolution seamlessly. Agile teams love Raygun, and you'll love it too.

Ship more features and boost team productivity

What’s the best way to reduce associated support costs from software bugs and issues? Eliminate them from happening! Raygun will keep your team on top of any problems that are affecting end users and raise them into your teams' view. When developers are spending hours hunting for the root causes of problems in your applications, they are wasting time that could be spent building, shipping and delivering new features and products into the hands of customers. Raygun can save your team considerable time and money!

Make ‘I can’t replicate it’ a thing of the past with Raygun

Are your developers telling you they can’t replicate the problems that the customer reported? That’s probably because they don’t have all the details required. Raygun offers the ability to view affected users right down to the individual customer. That's right, you can search for specific users and get a view of every single error they experienced, with full diagnostic information on what happened and where the underlying problem lies. It’s all made so easy with Raygun!

Create a collaborative approach to fixing bugs

Crash reporting from Raygun will make your job easier, but it will also make the jobs of your entire software development team easier too. With just a few lines of code added to your company’s application, they’ll get instant error reports and full diagnostic information of your customer’s technical issues. Introduce Raygun into your team's workflow and you'll never want to work without it again.
"We used to spend countless time having to sort through the error log containing both new and resolved issues but now we’re down to a matter of minutes to identify new errors and add them to the development list to be fixed."
Steve Day - Project Manager and Development Lead at Staff Squared

Deliver flawless software and increase your NPS

Use Raygun’s deployment tracking capabilities to be alerted to issues caused by bad releases. When new deployments are made, Raygun keeps a watchful eye on your application for issues that have been created. You’ll be able to see exactly when a problem was introduced, with all the information needed to fix things before they cause you bigger problems. When you’re shipping software your customers rely on, Raygun is your safety net, should things not go as expected.

If you have broken software you have un-happy customers

Are you introducing problems, or fixing them. Correlate performance trends with error and crash data to see if things are improving for your customers or getting worse. As Raygun detects and diagnoses every problem in your software, the second they happen, you’ll have full visibility on errors and crashes. If there’s a problem, you’ll know about it. With filterable error trend graphs, you’ll be able to monitor the overall health of your application over time and be confident you’re on top of things.
"Raygun lets us go fast with the knowledge that we can detect - and resolve - any errors that come up. This lets our engineering team focus on building great applications that meet our users’ needs."
Barry Wark - CEO and Co-founder at Ovation