Automated error monitoring
software that gives you better
visibility and diagnostics

Control the chaos around fixing bugs in your apps. Forget digging through logs and quickly diagnose problems in your codebase. Make sure users are having error free experiences.

Start replicating errors with greater speed and accuracy

Raygun automatically captures detailed diagnostics for each and every error occurrence including full stack traces, method/function and class name data, OS, device, browser, location, host and more.

Reduce the noise and focus on the highest priority issues

Suffering from error overload or lack of clarity around bugs? Filter out specific errors by machine name, version, IP address, hostname and more to ensure you have complete clarity on the issues that are affecting your users.

Error Tracking and Crash Reporting Software
Error Tracking and Crash Reporting Software

Run in depth analysis and reports

Create reports based on specific crash reporting data you want to focus on. Customizable to include the data that matters to you most. Import your data into third party tools (e.g. RedShift, Hadoop).

See affected users and zero in on the root cause

Don't just view how many errors you application has, but also which specific users were affected. Search and filter your errors by severity to see the highest priority issues your team should focus on. Add in custom data and user information for extra context for faster debugging.

Getting started is simple

  • Real-time application monitoring that's easy to install
  • Covers every major programming language and platform
  • Create applications for development, testing and production
  • Smart alerting and notifications via email and team chat
Raygun's simple javascript configuration

Raygun works with all major languages & frameworks

Monitor and track errors in every part of your stack. Raygun offers providers for 30+ languages and frameworks across web and mobile. Get a complete picture of your application's health one place.

View all languages & frameworks

Build faster, more accurate and higher quality development lifecycles

Build an unbeatable workflow around error detection and resolution within your team. Receive notifications with Slack or via email and collaborate across workflows with your whole team. Raygun is built to give visibility across teams. Discuss issues where they have the right context and assign team members.

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Uncover the hidden problems in your
codebase within minutes

See your data more clearly

Get a holistic view of your application's health. Build and customize drag and drop dashboards to report and view the metrics that matter to you most. Choose from web or app performance, error count and more on professional dashboards that can be used within your team or with your clients.

Raygun's custom dashboard feature

"As a CTO, I sleep much better knowing our cloud servers and software running in people's companies is operating correctly"

Chris Johnson - Co-Founder and CTO

Additional Features


See specific users that were affected by an issue. Know they encountered a problem without them needing to report it.


Delete your entire history, clean up your dashboards or mass update error records with specific statuses.

Reduce the noise

Pair up our crash reporting with Real User Monitoring to see complete user session information when errors occur.

Version tracking

Mark errors as resolved in specific releases, and track if the problem reoccurs in future versions.

Scrub sensitive data

You have complete control over the data which is transmitted to Raygun and can easily remove any sensitive data.

Flexible notifications

Save your inbox from a flood of notifications and take control of your inbox with our daily digest emails.

JS source maps

See errors in the original source code instead of minified scripts with our built in source map support.

Custom data

Send contextual information when the error occurs. Attach custom data that's searchable in the Raygun app.


Capture events leading up to an error or crash to easily replicate the user's path before the exception occurred.

No limit

Most plans offer unlimited applications, team members and integrations. Higher tier plans even provide unlimited data.

Web & Mobile

Raygun is full stack. Monitor every part of your environment in one place alongside your whole team.


Encrypted data, HIPAA compliant, two-factor authentication, single sign-on and more we ensure your data is safe.

Start fixing issues in your codebase within minutes

Minutes to set up. No credit card required!

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