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Discover and diagnose errors that are affecting your customers

Raygun error and crash reporting silently monitors your web and mobile applications, collecting all error and crash events that are affecting your customers. When issues are found they are presented on your crash reporting dashboard, with detailed diagnostic reports about every single error and crash, making digging through log files and trying to replicate issues a thing of the past.

Contextual information about the problem is made available to your entire team instantly, including which specific users of your application have been affected. Raygun Crash Reporting then provides your team with a seamless workflow to solve the problem quickly.

Know instantly what’s broken in your code and how to fix it - fast!

Rather than ship code never to see the results in the real world, Raygun gives software development teams an unobstructed view of how their software applications are performing in the hands of customers.

Should the inevitable happen, and users are exposed to outages, bugs, errors, crashes or bad deploys, your entire team will know about it instantly with Raygun’s smart alerts via email or team chat notifications. Giving you all the diagnostic information you need to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Raygun’s Crash Reporting software is your safety net against the huge risks of exposing your customers to broken software.

Without Raygun we had no clear window into what errors our applications were throwing. We only knew by digging through logs when we got the time, or by our customers letting us know something was wrong. Raygun takes the unknown and makes it known.

Daniel Hoenig - Software Architect at Schneider Electric

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Discover issues affecting your users right now
real-time error and crash reporting

Get live actionable data

Raygun keeps a watchful eye on your web and mobile applications and tells you when problems arise. Add Raygun to your code in minutes and you’ll be able to detect and diagnose every error in your software.

Detailed crash reports

Every error report includes full diagnostic information about the root cause, so your team can fix issues faster and maintain a flawless experience for your users. Stop wasting time and fix errors faster.

Smart error grouping

Intelligent grouping of errors lets you see the highest priority issues that are affecting your customers. Keep your inbox clean with grouped error emails and daily digests of activity rather than a flood of notifications.

Some questions that Crash Reporting can answer...

Supports all major web and mobile languages and platforms

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Raygun Crash Reporting works with 30+ web and mobile programming languages. Add a short code snippet to your application and get actionable insights into errors and crashes that are affecting your customers. Should something unexpected happen, Raygun will provide the details you need to solve the problem.

Integrates with the workflow tools you use every day

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Support for all your devops tools of choice, including team chat, project management tools and issue trackers. Deep diagnostic information from error and crash reports can be linked with tasks, issues and projects, giving your team members the full history behind the problem alongside all the information needed to fix it - fast!

Are you relying on your customers to report errors in your software?

Are your team having to go back and forth with customers through support channels to find out more information about the software errors and crashes?

How much does it cost you in lost productivity and expenses each time a support request comes in? It’s time to turn the tables on unresolved issues and bad customer support experiences. Raygun provides an overview of how many problems are affecting your customer base, as well as which specific customers are affected individually.

With the option to search for specific, authenticated users by email address, you can find the exact error occurrence that your customer reported in seconds! Raygun gives your team the tools to improve overall customer satisfaction and user experiences and more than pays for itself in the costs that you save.

We’ve gone from hundreds of occurrences of errors, to a very quiet one or two a week. Raygun also gives us confidence on a new deployment. We’ve tried many solutions, but none gave us the coverage and ease of use Raygun has. Raygun just works

Sami Asikainen - Radium CRM

How user tracking is complete in crash reporting

Took me about 3 minutes to get my API firing errors into Raygun. Nice app, good interface!

Ross Vernal - Farmflo

It’s like having a full time team member on staff poring over our exceptions and telling me when I should pay attention.

Karl Bunch - CTO iSocket

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