Wasting time digging through log files?

Discover diagnose and understand the root cause of errors and crashes in your software applications in seconds

Get the stack trace, solve the problem

Raygun gives you full diagnostic information on each and every error occurrence. You'll never be left guessing or need to search through logs trying to replicate the problem.

Forget searching logs, pinpoint the problem in seconds

Are you spending precious development time looking backwards and fixing up bugs in your codebase, or digging through logs trying to find out what happened? Surely you have better things to do with your time? Raygun doesn’t just alert you to errors in your software, you get the full diagnostic information for each and every occurrence in order to solve them. Raygun crash reporting software will tell you when issues require your attention and ensure you can replicate issues quickly and efficiently.
"Raygun saved us so much time and money during development, testing, and go-live by helping us to expose and fix a number of issues."
Ross Hawkins - Owner at Ignition Development

Raygun tells you when to pay attention

Suffering from notification overload? Rather than be bombarded with a flood of messages, Raygun silently monitors your applications in the background and offers your team smart alerts for you when need to take action. Notifications are fully customizable, but repeating error instance emails and team chat alerts are sent only when issues are recurring or getting worse, resulting in more signal, and less noise. Connect Raygun alerts to Slack, PagerDuty, VictorOps and more.
"The smart email notifications ensure we are not flooded with emails when errors occur in our applications. Instead, Raygun stems the flow for us and lets us manage notifications on an individual and personal level. We especially love the daily digests of error activity which are not only useful but keep our inboxes free of notifications."
Andrew Schofield - Chief Technology Officer at Timely

See the full picture, including things you're not aware of

Relying on customers to report issues, or simply assuming you know about all of the problems your applications are facing in production isn't a good way to produce robust and healthy software. The clock is ticking before these issues become apparent, and they're already happening to your customers - right now, you just aren't aware of them. Raygun will surface all errors to give you a true picture of your software application's health.

100% coverage, every language, every platform

Raygun's Crash Reporting software works with your entire software development technology stack. Whether you want to monitor errors on your frontend, backend, or specific environments, all errors and crashes will be automatically identified and presented on your Raygun dashboard.
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Raygun Crash Reporting works with 30+ web and mobile programming languages. Add a short snippet of code to your application and start improving your software immediately, with actionable insights into errors and crashes that are affecting your customers. Get the details you need to solve the problem.
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Support for all your DevOps tools, including team chat, project management tools and issue trackers. Deep diagnostic information from error and crash reports can be linked with tasks, issues and projects, giving your team members the full history behind the problem alongside all the information needed to fix it - fast!

Supports Web & Mobile Applications

Raygun gives you full stacktraces for each and every error occurrence, along with environment information, HTTP requests, raw data, browser, OS, affected users and more. Get all the details you need to rectify the issue quickly. Raygun stores every single error event (no data sampling) so you'll always have the right information at hand when needing to see when, why and how an error occurred.
"It’s like having a full time team member on staff poring over our exceptions and telling me when I should pay attention."
Andrew Schofield - Chief Technology Officer at Timely

Make ‘I can't replicate it’ a thing of the past

Struggling to replicate problems that customers reported? That's probably because you don't have all the information you need. What if you could simply search with the email address of the user that has experienced a bug or technical problem, and instantly be able to get the full diagnostic information about every error they have encountered with your application? Well, you can with Raygun. It's all made so easy and saves you so much time!

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