Ship new software with confidence

Raygun’s advanced deployment tracking system keeps a watchful eye over every deployment. Instantly know when something goes wrong and see exactly how to fix it.

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Raygun Deployment Tracking

Your deployment tracking safety net when releasing new software

Look forward to shipping day. Monitor every deployment in real-time and identify errors and performance issues before your customers do.

  • Manage deployments via the Raygun API for even greater control and flexibility
  • Deploy software into production and monitor the impact it has on software quality, performance and user experiences
  • Support for Grunt, Powershell, Heroku, Octopus, Rake, Bash and more
Raygun Deployment Tracking Tools
Software Release Monitoring Dashboard

Quickly find out what’s gone wrong and how to fix it

If things break, you’ll know about it. Instantly spot problematic deployments and have all the information you need to take action.

  • See the positive or negative impacts each release had on software quality and user experiences
  • Capture every error that has been introduced, along with any regressions or errors still occurring
  • Identify performance spikes, isolate the issue, and drill into the root cause

Measure the quality and performance of each release

See how specific deployments impact software health and performance. Correlate errors and performance problems with deployments and gather valuable insights into optimizations.

  • Measure each software and version release to ensure issues have been resolved
  • Mark issues as resolved in specific versions of your application so they only reactivate when seen in newer releases
  • Compare the performance metrics of specific versions and gain visibility into improvements
Raygun Compare Dashboard
Raygun Deployment Tracking Release Graph

Raygun integrates effortlessly into your existing CI / CD release cycle

It takes minutes to set up deployment tracking in Raygun and it works seamlessly with the tools you already use.

  • Empower modern DevOps teams to own and monitor their code through to production
  • Innovate faster without introducing unnecessary risk

An application performance monitoring tool for customer-centric teams

“I would absolutely recommend Raygun. It's easy to get started and you’ll quickly get real visibility into what your users are actually experiencing.”

Greg Shackles - Principal Engineer, Olo
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"Raygun helps me identify problems before the customer does, without having to keep a constant eye on a number of different logs located on different servers.”

Ross Hawkins - Owner, Ignition Development
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“Raygun gives us the ability to know about issues so we can respond quickly and give our customers the best experience that they deserve and expect.”

David Corbett - Senior Engineering Manager
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Release new software with confidence

Free unlimited monitoring for 14 days