Release new software with confidence and measure the impact

Look forward to shipping day. See the positive or negative impacts each release had on software quality and user experiences.

Raygun is your safety net when shipping new software

Monitor every deployment and let your whole team know if problems are affecting end users.

If things break, you’ll know about it

Instantly spot bad releases. See which issues have been fixed, which are still occurring and if any new problems have been introduced in each deployment.

See how deployments affect software health

See if releases are improving your application’s health or if things are getting worse. Each deployment can be tracked, showing how total error rates are affected and exactly when issues were introduced.

Easily add Raygun into your existing release cycle

It takes minutes to set up deployment tracking in Raygun and it works seamlessly with the tools you already use.
"We deploy our apps multiple times per day. Raygun lets us go fast with the knowledge that we can detect - and resolve - any errors that come up. This lets our engineering team focus on building great applications that meet our users’ needs."
Barry Wark, CEO and Co-founder at Ovation