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Our mission is to empower teams to ship better software, faster. Make your mark as part of a diverse, inclusive, supportive and collaborative team. Hop aboard the rocketship as we push the boundaries of what’s possible in the software and business worlds!

Our mission is to empower teams to ship better software, faster. Make your mark as part of a diverse, inclusive, supportive and collaborative team. Hop aboard the rocketship as we push the boundaries of what’s possible in the software and business worlds!

Current vacancies at Raygun

Data Engineer
Wellington, New Zealand
Are you a Data Engineer who is passionate about helping businesses leverage their own data to make better data driven decisions? Raygun is ready to take our data journey to the next level and we can't wait to meet you!
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Engineering Team Lead
Wellington, New Zealand
Raygun is looking for a highly motivated individual to become an Engineering Team Lead, helping drive better outcomes across the Engineering team. As an Engineering Team Lead for Raygun, you will be an important player in the successful delivery of a core Raygun product. This means helping your team, as well as supporting other teams every day.
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"It is so motivating working with a team of intelligent and supportive people everyday. At Raygun, the opportunities to grow and develop are endless."

Gina, Director of Business Development

Behind every great company there are great people. Raygun is no exception.

At Raygun, we build tools that help thousands of businesses globally create great software. Our products provide deep insights into problems that affect end users, so you can find, diagnose and fix issues faster.

Raygun is made up of a team of talented people, working together to provide an unbeatable solution for our customers. If you're up for the challenge of working in a fast-paced growing business, then look no further.

Leadership at Raygun

Dedicated to your success, the executive team at Raygun wants to find and nurture the best industry talent.

John-Daniel Trask

Co-founder / CEO

I’ve always wanted to live at the intersection of technology and business, ever since we got our first family PC when I was 9 years old. To me, discovering software development was finding a Lego set with unlimited bricks - I could build anything, as long as I could solve the problems. I spend my time at Raygun helping build the team, talking with customers and helping set the direction of the business. I love coming to work with so many passionate people who are helping our customers build truly amazing software experiences. Hearing how customers resolve issues and improved performance because of the work we do is incredibly satisfying.

Jeremy Boyd


At Raygun I span development and operations daily, a challenge shared with many of our customers. I love coding on a great idea, building it out in a pragmatic fashion and then optimizing the heck out of it. But my key focus is keeping Raygun fully armed and operational so you can get the information you need as efficiently as possible. Working at Raygun every day brings new challenges to solve, good times to be had and satisfaction from knowing developers worldwide can build better software thanks to the effort we bring.

Lana Vaughan

Chief Operating Officer

At Raygun we pride ourselves in providing world class software development tools accompanied by excellent customer support. We could never do this without having an amazing group of people who are passionate about delivering only the best. The team at Raygun are creative, innovative, supportive, respectful and extremely hard working. Working at Raygun allows me to be a part of an industry leading company that supports and empowers their employees. We’re always looking for talented, passionate, motivated people to join us on our exciting journey so if you’re interested in learning more or just want to have a chat, I’d love to hear from you!

Roger Nesbitt


Great software products come from engineering teams that are clear about their mission, trusted to make good decisions, always learning, and made up of diverse, kind, engaged and skilled people. My role at Raygun is to continuously shape our teams in this way, focusing on what’s best for our customers and the health of our people and systems. I love that Raygun helps our customers effortlessly focus on the health of their systems and the happiness of their customers, growing software teams and systems around the world.

Zheng Li

VP of Product

As long as I could remember, I’ve always been excited by discussing new ideas and coming up with inventions that could fundamentally change our world. As the product lead, I’m incredibly lucky to be able to nurture and grow our products, along with our talented team and amazing customers, because to me, there is nothing more exciting than having the ability to shape our future. You can usually find me running impromptu UX workshops with post-its, empowering young women and women entrepreneurs and sharing videos from Futurism or Vsauce. If I had to sum myself up in 3 hashtags, it would be #scifi #womenintech #spicyfood

Jeremy Norman

Principal Engineer

My role is to keep our core systems running smoothly and deliver improvements across our technology roadmap. At Raygun we handle a huge and growing amount of data, whether that be errors, user session information, or performance diagnostics from our customer’s applications. We use a vast range of cool tools as well to manage this and provide a reliable experience for end users. It’s great to be part of something that is growing and solving complex technical problems and challenges with a collaborative team.

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