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Behind every great company there are great people. Raygun is no exception.

At Raygun, we build tools that help 40,000 developers globally create great software. Our products provide deep insights into problems that affect end users, so you can find, diagnose and fix issues faster.

We believe that thorough error management is the key to creating perfect software experiences, and we are here to put the power in the developer's hands. Raygun is made up of a team of talented engineers, designers and support staff working together to provide an unbeatable solution for our customers. If you're up for the challenge of working in a fast-paced, growing business then look no further.

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I enjoy working in a high calibre team on successful products that thousands of developers use every day.


Software Developer

15 Billion +

Errors processed for
our customers

40,000 +

Developers using raygun
across 120+ countries

100 Billion +

Better user experiences
thanks to raygun

JD wearing I love space needle glasses
Respect the team Raygun logo on wall
Ben and Lana holding core values
Jason at work I enjoy working here because I can just zone out and code all day. Jason, Software Engineer
Freyja planning
Be awesome everyday Amy, Jerms & Nick win team award
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Raygun team at awards night Quote from Nick
Programming books
Go the extra mile with our customers Awards
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Raygun's Wellington office Quote from Sam
Raygun soccer team
JD wearing I love space needle glasses Raygun logo on wall
Respect the team Ben and Lana holding core values
Left half of team photo I enjoy working here because I can just zone out and code all day. - Jason, Software Engineer
Jason at work Freyja planning
Raygun soccer team Awards
Quote from Nick Jerms racing a go kart
Olympic games at Raygun Go the extra mile with our customers
Amy, Jerms & Nick win team award Wooden Raygun
Raygun logo on office wall Raygun's Wellington office
Be awesome everyday Right half of team photo
Ben and Alex doing drinks puzzle Quote from Sam
Raygun team at awards night Programming books

Leadership at Raygun

Dedicated to your success, the leadership team at Raygun wants to find and nurture the best industry talent.
Select a friendly face below to see who you’ll be working with and the values that drive them:

John-Daniel Trask

John-Daniel Trask

Co-Founder / CEO

Jeremy Boyd

Jeremy Boyd

Co-Founder / CTO

Lana Vaughan

Lana Vaughan

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Harley

Nick Harley

Director of Marketing

Zheng Li

Zheng Li

Director of Product

The culture at Raygun is great. Marketing, dev and design are a well-oiled machine.

Wayne Bowman

UX Designer

Current vacancies
at Raygun

  • Customer Success Associate

    Seattle, Washington, United States

    If you are passionate about helping customers succeed and want to drive growth for a well known technology company, here is your chance! This is your opportunity to bring in your skills, experience and knowledge to a team of passionate customer success professionals. Through this role you’ll be able to make a bigger impact through your work and continue your personal growth in your career. Learn more.

  • Software Engineer

    Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

    You love coding to the brink of obsession! The code you write is clear, easy to maintain and unit test. You care about the user and you get a kick out of building features that they love using. You excel in a collaborative and agile environment where we deploy continuously, measure everything and take responsibility to diagnose and fix what breaks. Does this sound like you? Learn more.

Think you'd make a great addition to the Raygun team but don't see a suitable position listed?
Then get in touch and tell us what makes you awesome - we're always on the lookout for talented folks!

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Having a relaxed atmosphere alongside the ability to work on interesting
challenges with an intelligent and
motivated team is great.

Gary Tuohy

Digital Marketing Coordinator