From homepage to checkout, make every interaction fast & error-free

Customer expectations are higher than ever. To succeed in this hyper-competitive environment, you need to deliver a fast and error-free experience every time.

Proactively resolve errors before they become incidents

53% Uninstalled or removed a mobile app with severe issues like crashes, freezes or errors”

Dimensional Research

Erling Gudjohnsen

"Avoiding errors that impact the user experience and ruin the relationship with your customer is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to retain customers and grow your business.”

Erling Gudjohnsen - CTO at Attikk

Quickly diagnose performance bottlenecks to deliver lightning-fast shopping experiences

Every second counts. Consistently deliver fast and responsive shopping experiences that delight your customers and drive sales.

  • Prioritize fixing the most high-impact issues based on the error count and the number of users affected
  • Get deeper insights into the root cause of errors and crashes with the full stack trace
  • Connect errors to your source-code repository using native integrations with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket

64% of smartphone users expect a website to load in 4 seconds or less, while 47% of online shoppers expect web pages to load in 2 seconds or less."

'The Ultimate Guide to Site Speed' -  Shopify

  • Monitor performance trends in real-time to quickly identify and diagnose problematic pages
  • Drill into individual user sessions with a full waterfall breakdown of every page request
  • Unlock first-class support for Core Web Vitals with real user insights you can trust

53% Uninstalled or removed a mobile app with severe issues like crashes, freezes or errors”

Dimensional Research

Minimize downtime, maximize code reliability

Make major outages a thing of the past. Raygun keeps a watchful eye over your website so you have peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you’ll know about it and can quickly find a solution.

  • Get notified about any mission-critical issues in your production environment and decrease your MTTR with Raygun Alerting
  • Monitor every deployment in real-time and identify errors and performance issues before your customers do
  • Visualize the health of your entire website at a glance with highly-customizable dashboards

“We typically don't have issues on the payments front because Raygun helps us to keep our retail business stable, which is really important.“

Maria McCabe – Digital Product Manager at Energia

Crash Reporting for Shopify

Every moment counts in the world of e-commerce. Crash Reporting will detect, diagnose and help you resolve errors appearing in your Shopify storefront, including your checkout. Never let a hidden error cut into sales again.

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Whether it's a hidden error cutting into your conversions, or a performance lag compromising session lengths, Raygun's got your back. Stay a step ahead of issues in your software and ensure your code boosts sales, not busts them.

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