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Raygun's modern monitoring tools work powerfully on their own and seamlessly together. Our flexible, usage-based pricing comes with unlimited team members and applications.

Annual (save 33%)

Crash Reporting



Per 100,000 errors, per month*

Free trial
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  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited applications
  • Unlimited custom dashboards
  • 180-day data retention
  • Inbound filters
  • Customer experience monitoring
  • Deployment tracking
  • Email and chat support

*Billed annually as reserved errors, with additional usage charged on-demand at $0.001 per error

Real User Monitoring



Per 100,000 sessions, per month*

Free trial
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  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited applications
  • Unlimited custom dashboards
  • 60-day data retention
  • Advanced analytics
  • Customer experience monitoring
  • Deployment tracking
  • Email and chat support

*Billed annually as reserved sessions, with additional usage charged on-demand at $0.002 per session




Per 100,000 traces, per month*

Free trial
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  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited hosts/servers
  • Unlimited custom dashboards
  • 30-day data retention
  • Flamechart and treeview
  • Customer experience monitoring
  • Proactive issue creation
  • Email and chat support

*Billed annually as reserved traces, with additional usage charged on-demand at $0.002 per trace


Superior security, scale, and support

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Plus these standard features:

  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited hosts/servers
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Deployment tracking
  • Unlimited applications
  • Unlimited custom dashboards
  • Customer experience monitoring

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Predictable and flexible

Select your estimated monthly usage as reserved events. If you use more than expected, additional events will be processed as on-demand. Since reserved events deliver the best value, we recommend you select slightly more than you think you’ll need.

Crash Reporting errors

An error instance is shown in Raygun with metadata about the error (stack trace, breadcrumbs, etc).

Real User Monitoring sessions

A session is a series of user interactions within your application, ending automatically after 30 mins of inactivity.

Application Performance Monitoring traces

A trace is a profiling trace of a given request.

Total monthly cost



Save 60% per month purchasing
reserved events

Pre-purchase your anticipated quota of reserved events to get the best value.

versus using

On-demand events are charged at standard rates, and scale with usage to ensure full visibility.

Prices in USD

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“The approaches we use at Vend are the same as those used at Slack, Twitter, and Netflix. We ship to production constantly because we want to quickly see the effect of a change. Raygun is an essential part of our toolset.”

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“We would absolutely recommend Raygun to any business that relies on providing reliable software to serve their customers. It’s incredibly easy to set up and great value for money.”

Andrew Schofield - Chief Technology Officer
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“Raygun’s had a positive impact on our team; that ties back to the developer’s ability to spend most of their time writing features with confidence and reducing the lead time of feature delivery.”

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Frequently asked questions


How does the free trial work?

Our free trial gives you unlimited monitoring for 14 days, no credit card required. Simply sign up to get instant access to our full suite of monitoring tools. At any point during or after your trial, you can choose a paid plan on a monthly or annual basis.

How do I install Raygun and get the most out of our trial?

Once you’ve logged into Raygun, simply select a product (Crash Reporting, RUM, or APM) from the left menu and follow the set-up instructions provided. Full language and getting started guides can be found in our docs.

What happens when the trial ends?

You'll still be able to log in and upgrade to a paid account when you're ready. (But please note, any new data sent to Raygun between the end of your trial and the activation of your account won't be processed).


How does usage-based pricing work?

There are two components of usage-based pricing: reserved events and on-demand events. An “event” can refer to an error, session, or trace, depending on the Raygun product being used.

On-demand is a completely flexible pricing system, charged per event at the end of each billing month.

Reserved events are a fixed event quota pre-purchased on a monthly or annual basis, starting at 100,000 events. If you run through all your reserved events, on-demand events will kick in automatically to guarantee uninterrupted visibility. You can keep track with the Usage page in Plan Settings, where you can also see a running total of your month’s event use.

With reserved events, you lock in lower rates by pre-purchasing the number of monthly errors, sessions, and/or traces you expect to use. Customers pre-purchase reserved events on a monthly or annual basis to get the best rates, booking slightly more than their anticipated usage so they can better predict their costs.

It’s important that you understand on-demand charges before they’re generated and make informed choices to get the best value. We encourage you to follow our recommendations to track your projected billing. Our usage-based model is outlined in more depth in our docs, as well as our standard Terms of Service.

How do I get reserved events?

For customers with relatively consistent event volumes, we recommend pre-purchasing events on an annual basis to get the best rates. If you expect your volumes to vary, you can also book monthly reserved events. This will reduce (or avoid) on-demand charges and earn you a volume discount.

We know it can be challenging for new customers to project their event volume, so while you’re working out how many monthly sessions you need, we're happy to discuss an estimate for reserved events.

You can select and pre-purchase reserved events on a monthly or annual basis in-app, under "Plan Overview". You can then track your on-demand events in the Usage section of your Raygun app.

What currency does Raygun support?

All pricing is in United States Dollars (USD). Invoices are sent to the plan owner via email and are available in-app anytime.

How long are your contracts? Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

You can select a monthly or annual subscription. Per our Terms of Service, you can request to start, make changes or cancel your account at any time. Changes may come into effect on your next billing anniversary — learn more here or contact us for details. Custom billing terms are available for Enterprise.

How can we download an invoice?

Raygun invoices are available to all plan owners from within Raygun in Plan Settings > Invoices.

What if I want to cancel my service?

Not a problem. If you decide that Raygun isn't for you, you can request cancellation from your "Plan details" page in the Raygun application. Please note that refunds for unused subscriptions are not available.


How do I manage team members and permissions?

You can find out more about team management in our docs here. If you still have questions, you can contact us.

What counts as an application in Raygun?

An application is a container for your data. Each application has an API key, with notifications, integrations and permissions being managed at the application level. You can use the API key as widely or as narrowly as you like to compartmentalize your software based on programming language, environment, mobile, web, department, or whatever category you choose.

How do you define an event in Crash Reporting?

An error event is any handled or unhandled exception thrown by your application. For mobile apps, crash reports are stored on the device until an internet connection is present and data is sent to Raygun. We process the events that are sent to our API using our language-based SDKs.

How do you define a session in Real User Monitoring?

Unlike page views, a session is a continuous set of user interactions within your application. Raygun will end a user session after 30 minutes of inactivity. If a user returns to your application after 30 minutes of inactivity, a new session will be recorded.

How do you define a trace for Application Performance Monitoring?

A trace is the profiling performance data for a given request to your software. Sampling options can be controlled on a per URL basis. We do not encourage capturing every request unless site traffic is especially low.

Where are your servers based?

All Raygun data is stored in the US-EAST-1 region of the AWS Datacenter.  You can find Raygun's compliance with GDPR here on our website. This page also has the downloadable DPA document in the FAQs section. You can download the DPA, complete and sign it, and email it to us at

As a side note, all of our providers give you the ability to censor out sensitive information before they are sent into Raygun.

What sales taxes are applied?

Raygun is a multinational company, with offices in New Zealand, and the United States. For New Zealand customers, GST of 15% is added. For customers based in the United States, sales tax may be applicable depending on where you are located.

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