Simple, flexible, affordable pricing that scales with you

Application Performance




Per 10,000 traces, per month.
Billed annually or $12 monthly.

Uncover server-side performance bottlenecks, right down to code level

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Real User




Per 10,000 sessions, per month.
Billed annually or $12 monthly.

Monitor real user sessions and improve your frontend performance

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Error Monitoring
& Crash Reporting




Per 10,000 events, per month.
Billed annually or $6 monthly.

Discover, diagnose, and resolve every error and crash affecting your users

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Included with every Raygun plan:

Customer Experience Monitoring

See which customers are experiencing issues whilst using your software applications

Unlimited customer profiles

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Deployment Tracking

Monitor each release and let your whole team know if problems are affecting end users

Unlimited deployments

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Custom Dashboards

View data across multiple applications and environments

Unlimited dashboards

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Plus, these additional benefits:

  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited applications
  • Team controls and permissions
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance
  • Email and chat support
  • Two factor authentication (2FA)
  • Notifications and alerts

Talk to us if you need:

  • High volume pricing
  • Security reviews
  • Advanced team permissions
  • HIPAA, PCI or other complicance requirements
  • Custom terms, agreements and SLAs
  • Single sign on
  • Priority support

Application Performance Monitoring

Starting at $8

Per 10,000 traces, per month. Billed annually or $12 monthly.

Volume discounts available 10M+ traces per month. Let's talk.

  • Monitor unlimited hosts / servers
  • 90 day metric data retention
  • 30 day trace data retention
  • Infinite key metrics data retention
  • Support for major Ruby frameworks, Ruby on Rails and Sidekiq
  • Customizable dashboards ensure your whole team maintains visibility on application health
  • See overall performance timings with high detail, visual flame charts of every trace
  • Automatic issue detection and code level insight into performance bottlenecks
  • Sampling controls let you set per URL capture as well as specify which traces are accepted
  • N+1 query detection and automated, rule based issue creation
  • In-depth transaction details that show exact method calls, including the external dependencies
  • Support for async/await multithreading with expandable, visual trace views
  • See granular micro-service calls with automated issue detection for API+1 activity
  • .NET support for ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET ASP.NET Core, Web Forms and ASP.NET WebAPI
  • Control which methods appear in your traces with code filtering
  • Connect to source and display GitHub code alongside the associated trace
  • See APDEX trends as well as Average, Median, P90 and P99 cohorts
  • Assign issues to team members and discuss progress with on page comments
  • Precise and accurate method level timings, as well as high-level overviews and trends
  • Know exactly which function was executed, how long it ran for and where it was called from
  • Dive deeper into issues, including the exact line of code, function, database or API call
  • Multi threaded trace support allows you to capture and profile asynchronous threads

When combined with Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring

Starting at $8

Per 10,000 sessions, per month. Billed annually or $12 monthly.

Volume discounts available 10M+ sessions per month. Let's talk.

  • 30 day metric data retention
  • Support for web and mobile including single page applications (SPAs) using lightweight SDKs
  • Visualize load time, first paint, and first contentful paint over time
  • Use top-level filtering to sort data by browser, geography, device, or application version
  • Track the speed of network calls across requests, sessions, and users in your mobile apps
  • Track custom performance metrics which are relevant to your software
  • Histogram view of performance distribution for a page, virtual page or XHR request
  • See crash free users comparative to total sessions of your web or mobile apps
  • Full breakdown of load times across DNS, latency, SSL, server, transfer times and more
  • Key contextual information about the request, like the geography, browser, device, and operating system
  • Full XHR reporting for AJAX calls made by each page
  • Instance-level diagnostics on every page request
  • See every individual user session to see where they encountered performance problems and errors

  • See user experience metrics alongside software release information and deployments
  • Real-time live view into the usage of your application around the world
  • Collect and view response codes from all XHR requests made (3xx, 4xx, 500x)
  • Compare performance data sets across browsers, operating systems, locations and software versions

When combined with Application Performance Monitoring and Crash Reporting

Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting

Starting at $4

Per 10,000 events, per month. Billed annually or $6 monthly.

Volume discounts available 10M+ events per month. Let's talk.

  • 180 day data retention
  • Support for all languages and frameworks with lightweight SDKs
  • Get full stacktrace information and diagnostic details for every error occurrence or crash
  • Filter through your errors by date, time, version, tag, host, OS, browser, custom tags and more
  • Reduce noise with configurable filters for machine name, version, IP address, hostname and more
  • Export your data into third party tools (e.g. RedShift, Hadoop)
  • Connect to source code repositories including GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab
  • Capture the events leading up to an error or crash with breadcrumbs
  • Mark errors as resolved in specific releases, then track if the problem reoccurs in future versions
  • Intelligent grouping of unique error occurrences
  • Automatic spike protection against unexpected error event volume increases
  • Filter out sensitive information from error data, before errors are sent to Raygun
  • Attach your own custom data to send additional contextual information
  • Symbol support in the form of PDB files or Breakpad’s SYM files
  • iOS crashes can be automatically symbolicated via Dsym uploads
  • Integrations with Slack, JIRA, Pagerduty and 20+ other developer tools
  • Targeted field search lets you track down errors by searching across data fields
  • Assign errors to specific team members to resolve
  • Support both public and private JavaScript source maps
  • Capture handled and unhandled exceptions

When combined with Application Performance Monitoring and Real User Monitoring

Customer Experience Monitoring

Included in all plans

  • Identify individual customers that are having poor software experiences
  • Search for specific customers reporting issues to see their full session history
  • See customer location, device, OS and browser version
  • Ability to add custom unique IDs for PII data sensitive organisations
  • Reduce MTTR by finding the exact error occurrence or crash customers experienced
  • Works for all major languages and frameworks with simple set up

Deployment Tracking

Included in all plans

  • Support for most deployment tools, or send to our Deployments API endpoint
  • See spikes in load time or an increase in error occurrences after a deployment is made.
  • Support for Grunt, Powershell, Heroku, Octopus, Rake, Bash and more
  • Mark issues as resolved in specific versions of your application
  • Easily see when errors, bugs and performance issues were introduced
  • Easily add Raygun into your existing release cycle
  • See the positive or negative impacts each release had on software quality and user experiences


Included in all plans

  • Easily create dashboards using drag & drop tiles that display real-time data
  • TV mode lets you use dashboards around the office or with clients
  • Display trends in errors, performance timings, user session traffic and more
  • Display mission critical areas of your software stack in a single, central view
  • Overlay data from different applications, to see the complete picture in one place
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders how your software is performing in customers’ hands

Frequently asked questions, answered

Can I try Raygun before I buy it?

Absolutely! Everyone can try Raygun. We offer free, unlimited monitoring across all our products for 14 days, no credit card required.

What currencies does Raygun support?

All pricing is in United States Dollar (USD).

How do you define a trace for Application Performance Monitoring?

A trace is the profiling performance data for a given request to your software. Sampling options can be controlled on a per url basis. We do not encourage capturing every request unless site traffic is especially low.

How do you define a session in Real User Monitoring?

Unlike page views, a session is a continuous set of user interactions within your application. Raygun will end a user session after 30 minutes of inactivity. If a user returns to your application after 30 minutes of inactivity, a new session will be recorded.

How do you define an event in Crash Reporting?

An error event that is sent to Raygun is any handled or unhandled exception thrown by your application. For mobile apps, crash reports are stored on the device until an internet connection is present and data is sent to Raygun. We process the events that are sent to our API using our language based SDKs.

Is Raygun safe to put into my production environment?

Raygun runs best in production, but can be used anywhere from development, test and prod environments! Raygun is designed to be included in high volume production applications and sits quietly in the background collecting information about errors and issues. Raygun will be invisible to the end user.

What is an application?

An application is a container for your data. Each application has an API key, with notifications, integrations and permissions being managed at the application level. You can use the API key as wide or as narrowly as you like for compartmentalizing your software based on programming language, environment, mobile, web, department or anything else you'd like.

What will happen if the trial expires and Raygun code is still present in my application?

There will be no adverse effects to your application and it will still continue to function as normal should your Raygun account be cancelled or trial ends. Any data sent to Raygun will simply be rejected by our service and not processed.

What if I want to cancel my service?

Not a problem. If you decide that Raygun isn't for you then you can request the cancellation from your plan details page in the Raygun application.

Can I pay annually and can I be invoiced for my plan?

We encourage you to choose an annual plan to make the most of our large discounts for annual plans. We only support invoice based billing on annual plans of a certain size and above.

What sales taxes are applied?

Raygun is a multinational company, with offices in New Zealand, and the United States. For New Zealand customers, GST of 15% is added. For customers based in the United States, sales tax may be applicable depending on where you are located.