Integrations are a power way to make the most of your Raygun APM experience and workflow.

Currently Raygun APM supports the following integrations:


Raygun APM and GitHub work together so that you can use it for:

Issue tracking

Synchronize issues in GitHub with an issue inside Raygun APM - making it much easier to stay on top of any errors in your application.

Click directly from the Raygun APM trace detail page into your source code in GitHub - making issue resolution easier and faster.

View the APM integration setup for GitHub

Please note that the GitHub Enterprise support for Raygun APM is not yet available.


Raygun APM allows you to be able to stay on top of APM issues within your applications in real-time. With the Slack integration, you can send APM issues to the Slack channel of your choice, so that you can view and respond faster than ever to the performance issues surfaced by Raygun APM.
What’s more, your favourite advanced Slack features - two-way sync and the associated Slack usernames, will make it even easier to manage your performance issues within your team.

View the APM integration setup for Slack