Session instance

A session instance provides information about a specific user session from within your application. You can find details about that user, retrace their journey through your application, and understand how each page loaded.

Session Instance

A session instance displays the following user information:

  • User ID: By default the user ID is anonymous. If you wish to identify the user you can set up user tracking
  • Country: The country where the user is located.
  • IP Address: The IP address from which the user accessed your application.
  • Device: The device type the session took place on.
  • Platform: The operating system which the session took place on.
  • Browser: The browser which the session took place in.

Below the user information, the following metrics are displayed about the session:

  • Experience Score: Provides an indication of user experience based on average load time. For more information, see our documentation on performance metrics.
  • Session Length: The total duration of the user session.
  • Page Views: The number of pages visited during the session.
  • Average Load Time: The average load time across all pages in the session.
  • Average Virtual Page Viewing Time: If the user navigated to any number of virtual pages in the session this measures the average time spent on the page/s (only applicable to Single Page Applications).
  • Errors: With Raygun Crash Reporting linked in the same application, you can see a count of errors within the session.

A session instance shows you each page that a user visited in the session, allowing you to retrace a users journey through your application.

Session Trace

Each block shows the following information for each page visited in the session:

  • Page Type: This will display whether the page is static or virtual.
  • Page Performance Score: This score gives an indication of the page performance based on load time.
  • User Experience Score: This score gives an indication of user experience, based on the load time and whether any errors occured (if Raygun Crash Reporting is linked).
  • Load Time: The total time it took for the page to load.
  • Viewing Time: The total time the user spent viewing the page.

note: For virtual pages, the block only displays viewing time.