BugHerd is a hosted bug tracker. This integration lets you create new BugHerd issues directly from your Raygun error report, creating a new issue on BugHerd that links to your Raygun Report.

Setup instructions

  1. In Raygun, in the application sidebar, click on Integrations, then BugHerd:

  2. Click the Setup tab, then paste in your API token:

    This can be found by logging in to your BugHerd account, clicking the ‘Settings’ option in the top menu and then ‘General Settings’. Select a project and enable the BugHerd plugin.

  3. View an error group in Raygun Crash Reporting and you’ll notice an ‘Integrations’ dropdown option. Click on ‘Integrations’ and pick BugHerd to create a new issue for the error, or link with an existing one:

  4. Once an error is linked in Raygun Crash Reporting to a BugHerd issue, you’ll be able to view it in the sidebar of your BugHerd account. Clicking the error link will take you straight back to the issue in your Raygun account.

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