Error groups

Dealing with thousands, possibly millions of errors would chew up significant time to understand and prioritize. Raygun intelligently groups by root cause so that team members can see a manageable list of bugs to fix.

Similar errors are grouped together, just like sorting the errors into buckets, the aim is to cut down on the total noise and make sure your inbox stays clear from notifications.

Raygun error grouping

We predominantly group errors by their stacktrace which shows the root cause of the issue, but there are other options for grouping of errors as we try to make it as accurate as possible.

If you find your error grouping to be incorrect, find the error grouping strategy your application currently uses under 'Crash Reporting' > Settings' under Error grouping strategies. By far the easiest way to achieve better error grouping is to update to the latest grouping strategy.

Latest grouping strategies you should upgrade to:

Before updating the error grouping strategy for your application, we recommend marking all errors in the application as resolved in the Crash Reporting Settings page's bulk update section first. This will ensure that when errors re-occur they will come into the Active tab with the new grouping strategy applied instead of creating new error groups in amongst the previous groupings.

Apple / iOS - Version 2

C++ - Version 1

Go - Version 1

Java - Version 2

JavaScript - Version 7

.NET - Version - 7

Nodejs - Version 1

PHP - Version 2

Ruby - Version 3

Others - By stacktrace

Error grouping can be tricky – everyone has slightly different ideas of what can and what should be grouped together but we make regular updates to our grouping logic for each provider.

tip: If you're struggling with correct error grouping, make sure you are using the latest grouping strategy in your Crash Reporting settings or contact us for help.