note: To use this integration, you will need to be on a Team plan or higher. Read about upgrading here.

  1. Click "Integrations" from the Raygun sidebar and select Bitbucket.

  2. Click the "Setup" tab and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the authorization process and select your prefered repository.

Bitbucket set up

  1. To allow Raygun error groups to be linked to Bitbucket issues go to your Bitbucket repository click 'Settings' on the left sidebar, and click the 'Issue tracker settings' option.

  2. Click on a Raygun error group.

  3. Click the "Integrations" button and select "Bitbucket" to link to a new or existing issue.

Bitbucket set up

The Bitbucket integration supports deployment tracking, which means:

  • More detailed deployment information
  • Ability to link your commits and release notes directly from Raygun to your source code

You do not need Bitbucket issue tracking to use this feature.

By using a webhook resolving issues in Bitbucket will also resolve the linked Raygun error groups.

  1. Log into Bitbucket as a repository administrator
  2. Navigate to the repository linked to your Raygun application
  3. Click on 'Settings' located the left sidebar
  4. Click on 'Webhooks' located under the 'Integrations' section
  5. Click on the 'Add webhook' button and give your webhook a 'Title'
  6. In the 'URL', copy and paste the 'Bitbucket Webhook URL' found in your Raygun Bitbucket Setup tab
  7. Mark the 'Status' as 'Active'
  8. Leave the 'SSL / TLS' unchecked
  9. Set the 'Triggers' to 'choose from a full list of triggers'
  10. Check the 'updated' checkbox under 'Issue' and 'save' to finish