Spike protection

Spike protection is a feature that is available to our usage-based Crash Reporting plan. If you are on a different Crash Reporting plan but would like to use this feature, please get in touch.

The spike protection feature enables Raygun to monitor your incoming error data and protects you from a sudden influx of errors that are much more than your average in the past 24 hours.

Once enabled, we use your past 24 hours of error data to calculate a per-minute spike protection rate limit. We calculate the per-minute spike protection rate limit using the following calculation:

maximum (50, 5 x average per minute error rate over the last 24 hours)

If your average per-minute error rate is very low, we set a minimum rate of 50 errors per minute.

When your application experiences a spike in errors, we will protect you, however, if the increased error rate continues for 24 hours or longer, Raygun will gradually raise the spike protection rate limit to the point where all errors are being accepted.

When you send error data at a rate exceeding the spike protection rate, we will reject any extra errors for the remainder of the current minute. The rate limit is applied per minute to ensure some data continues to trickle in throughout the spike.

Spike protection can be enabled on each Raygun application that uses Crash Reporting.

  1. In the side navigation, go to Settings under Crash Reporting.
  2. Check the option to Enable automatic rate limiting when a spike is detected.
  3. Save changes to apply the setting.

Note that spike protection will take a few minutes to become active and will start learning your application's average per minute error rate over the next 24 hours.

We'll notify you each hour that your application error rate hits the spike protection rate (e.g., your application is sending more data to Raygun than spike protection is allowing).

You can learn more about how to adjust the notifications for spike protection in our Notifications documentation.