Deleting error groups

Error groups can be permanently deleted from an application on the Crash Reporting's dashboard or on the error group itself. Once deleted error groups will no longer be accessible but new instances of deleted error groups will recreate the group.

note: The 'Delete error groups' Granular Permission can disable this option for some users.

In Crash Reporting, select the checkboxes beside each error group you would like to delete. Then click the "delete" button and then "I am sure, please blast" to permanently remove the selected error groups.

tip: Deleted errors may not disappear instantly as they are removed by a background process.

The Crash Reporting settings page allows you to delete all error groups of an associated type (from Active, Resolved, Ignored or Permanently Ignored statues) for an application.

Click the delete button beside the type of errors you wish to delete). Confirm the deletion by entering the matching word and clicking 'I am sure'. All error groups of the given status within an application will then be removed.

Monthly error quota

Removing error groups in your account will have no affect your monthly error quota as we have already processed those errors through our systems. If you are looking to regain monitoring due to being over your plan's monthly quota, either upgrade or contact us to discuss your options.