The APM Agent for Linux (x64) is offically supported on Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian 10+, Cent OS 7/8, using systemd. However, the APM Agent should run on any x64 Linux distro that supports .NET 6.

Note: arm64 is currently not supported.

Follow these steps to install the Raygun Agent on a Linux x64 machine running under systemd.

Ensure you have the dependencies needed to run the commands below.

sudo apt-get -y install unzip

Create a directory to install the Raygun Agent to. If you install the Raygun Agent to a different directory then also update the raygunagent.service file with the same directory.

Afterwards, download the Raygun Agent zip file to that directory and give execute permission to the Agent and CLI executables.

sudo mkdir -p /opt/raygun/agent

sudo curl -O ""
sudo unzip -d /opt/raygun/agent "RaygunAgent-Linux-(x64).zip"
sudo rm "RaygunAgent-Linux-(x64).zip"
sudo chmod +x /opt/raygun/agent/RaygunAgent
sudo chmod +x /opt/raygun/agent/rgc

Copy the raygunagent.service configuration file to the systemd directory and reload the daemon to pick up the new service.

sudo mv /opt/raygun/agent/raygunagent.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Start the new service and issue the command to register the agent with your API key.

sudo systemctl enable raygunagent
sudo systemctl start raygunagent
sudo /opt/raygun/agent/rgc -register [YOUR-API-KEY]

Running the Agent in the terminal is as simple as calling the executable. This can be used when you want to run the Agent temporarly, or you want to run it without using systemd.

After downloading and unzipping the Agent:

# Change the permissions on the RaygunAgent and rgc (cli) to be executable
sudo chmod +x ./RaygunAgent
sudo chmod +x ./rgc

# Start the Agent with -c
# -c runs it in Console mode to listen for ctrl+C to exit
# omit -c if not running in a Console
sudo ./RaygunAgent Agent -c

In a seperate terminal window, register the Agent.

# This only needs to be done once
sudo /opt/raygun/agent/rgc -register [YOUR-API-KEY]

Once the Agent is installed, you can begin profiling your application. Please refer to the Profiler Setup for instructions on setting up the profiler for your Language/Environment.