note: This guide is now considered legacy and use of the new API is recommended. A high level guide to migrate to the new API can be found here.

Generate an External Auth Token for your build server to use from your Raygun User Settings page

Install the capistrano-raygun-deployment gem

gem install capistrano-raygun-deployment

Or if you are using Bundler

echo "gem 'capistrano-raygun-deployment'" >> Gemfile
bundle install

Add the following to your Capfile

require 'capistrano/raygun-deployment'

Finally, add the following to your config.

set :raygun_api_key, "YOUR_APPLICATIONS_API_KEY"
set :raygun_auth_token, "YOUR_EXTERNAL_AUTH_TOKEN"
set :raygun_release_path, "releases/LATEST" #optional, defaults to RELEASE

This can either go in config/deploy.rb or in config/deploy/production.rb depending on whether you want it to run in every environment or not. We recommend having a separate Raygun Application per environment, so would suggest you put it in the environment specific config files.

When you are ready to deploy, create a release file in RELEASE (or whatever release path you have chosen) with the following format:

ownerName: Jamie Penney
notes: |
    # Testing out the rake plugin

    * More markdown formatting

    ### Jamie

The next time you deploy, capistrano-raygun-deployment will register your deployment with Raygun!