Filtering error groups

Filter through your errors by date, time, version, tag, host, OS, browser, custom tags and more.

Filtering by data

Apply multiple filters to see what you need to and remove what you don’t. Find exactly what you are looking for with ease and save time digging through log files and customer support requests.

For example if you wanted to view all the errors that were experienced by users in Google Chrome, you could add a filter for that and then add in another filter for operating system so you then can see errors for people using Chrome on a Mac.

Filtering can be done by clicking the ‘Add Filter’ button in the filter bar of an application’s Crash Reporting dashboard. Add multiple filters if you need to.

Raygun filter errors

Filtering by date

Raygun also allows you to filter the Crash Reporting dashboard view by date. You can either do this by using the time and date selector in the top right hand corner, or by dragging on the timeline grapgh, as shown below.

Raygun filter errors by date