note: To use this integration, you will need to be on a Team plan or higher. Read about upgrading here.

Campfire is a team chat product that integrates with Raygun to send error group alerts to the Campfire room of your choice. Respond faster than ever to software issues using our Campfire integration.

  1. Click "Integrations" from the Raygun sidebar and select Campfire.

  2. Click the "Setup" tab and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your Campfire credentials and "Auth Token" for your user account. You can find this by logging into your Campfire account, clicking "My Info" link in the header and then copying the value underneath "API authentication token". It will be a long string of random characters, paste that into the Auth Token box in Raygun.

  3. Enter your Room ID. You can find this from the URL for the room you want to use (note the number on the end of the URL - 123456 for example)

Campfire set up