Nancy.Raygun is an easy to install third party provider for Raygun that gives you fast access to Raygun crash reporting and error monitoring.

Installing Nancy.Raygun

Using Nuget, install the Nancy.Raygun package.

PM> Install-Package Nancy.Raygun

Configuring Raygun


In your Web.config file, find configSections and add the following entry:

  <section name="RaygunSettings" type="Nancy.Raygun.RaygunSettings, Nancy.Raygun" />

Then reference it by adding the following line somewhere after the configSections tag. Your app API key is displayed when you create a new application in your Raygun account, or can be viewed in the application settings.

<RaygunSettings apikey="YOUR_APP_API_KEY" />


If you’re hosting on Azure/AppHabor then you may want to use appSettings instead so you can add the key via the portal/administration area.

To do this, add a the key nr.apiKey to your appSettings, with the value being your API key.

  <add key="nr.apiKey" value="YOUR_APP_API_KEY" />

The provider is open source and available at the Nancy.Raygun repository.