Nancy.Raygun is an easy to install third party provider for Raygun that gives you fast access to Raygun crash reporting and error monitoring.

Using Nuget, install the Nancy.Raygun package.

PM> Install-Package Nancy.Raygun

In your Web.config file, find configSections and add the following entry:

  <section name="RaygunSettings" type="Nancy.Raygun.RaygunSettings, Nancy.Raygun" />

Then reference it by adding the following line somewhere after the configSections tag. Your app API key is displayed when you create a new application in your Raygun account, or can be viewed in the application settings.

<RaygunSettings apikey="YOUR_APP_API_KEY" />

If you're hosting on Azure/AppHabor then you may want to use appSettings instead so you can add the key via the portal/administration area.

To do this, add a the key nr.apiKey to your appSettings, with the value being your API key.

  <add key="nr.apiKey" value="YOUR_APP_API_KEY" />

The provider is open source and available at the Nancy.Raygun repository.