FogBugz is an issue tracker and project management tool. You can easily connect Raygun error groups to issues in FogBugz. You can even create new issues in FogBugz directly from an error group in Raygun. FogBugz + Raygun saves you time and gives you essential context on issues.

Setup Instructions

  1. In Raygun, in the application sidebar, click on Integrations, then FogBugz:

  2. Click the Setup tab, then enter the URL of your FogBugz tracker (including the ‘http://‘) and your credentials:

  3. Hit ‘Save’, select the FogBugz project you want to use, then click ‘Enabled’ and save again.

  4. View an error group in Raygun Crash Reporting and you’ll notice an ‘Integrations’ dropdown option. Click on ‘Integrations’ and pick FogBugz to create a new issue for the error, or link with an existing one:

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