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Increase your website speed with Insights

Is your website underperforming for your customers? If certain pages were slow to load or causing issues, how would you know? Insights runs periodic crawls of your website to identify page load performance issues, alongside diagnostic information on how to fix it. You’ll get thorough descriptions of how to improve your website speed and which fixes will make the biggest impact.

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Real user monitoring for websites

Monitor your website and application performance. Each user session and page load on your website is monitored, with performance issues identified automatically. Pinpoint where users encountered issues and discover fundamental bottlenecks that affect your customer's end-user-experience. See how your website loads from a specific country, browser, or device and ensure your website delivers a flawless user experience for each and every one of your customers. It's application monitoring made easy!

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Real user monitoring for mobile apps

Pulse works with mobile apps. Get deep detail into how your mobile applications are performing for your users. View mobile user sessions and identify when crashes occurred and why. Track mobile app version adoption, monitor app usage across platform, OS, geographical location and more. Get a complete picture on how users interact with your mobile apps and where to improve, with complete peace of mind that your application is performing for users on each and every device.

Illusration of the information Pulse for Web provides

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Deeper context into problems affecting real users on any device

View affected users with full session details to identify where problems exist in your web and mobile apps.

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Pulse real user monitoring application with a graph of the session count

Unlock extra insights by using Crash Reporting

Performance monitoring and crash reporting in one platform!

Raygun crash reporting and real user monitoring products can be used independently. However, used together, they form an incredibly powerful suite of tools that ensure you know exactly how, when, why and to whom an error or crash happened. Over 40,000 developers use Raygun to find and fix software performance issues without needing users to report them. Just a few lines of code is all that stands between you and complete visibility of problems affecting your applications.

Forget vanity metrics – what really counts is what your users are experiencing and for that you need Pulse. If I was asked to recommend analytics software then Pulse would be my first choice.

Karl Gjersten - Infiniforms

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We know that a user is experiencing a problem with our application before they even notice it.

Barry Wark - Ovation

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40,000+ people are using Raygun across 120+ countries

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