Identify and resolve performance issues

Quickly discover poor performing parts of your application, diagnose the root cause, and prioritize the biggest performance gains.

Get instance-level insights into every user session

Understand exactly how your application performed for every user session with instance-level diagnostics on every page request.

Measure the impact of performance optimizations

Monitor frontend performance trends to track how development efforts are improving performance and creating better user experiences.
Real User Monitoring Tool Screenshot

Deliver flawless digital experiences. Every time.

Get full visibility on the end-user experience your customers are having when interacting with your software applications. See each individual user's session, pinpoint problem areas and easily identify solutions.

Enhance your frontend performance

Stop monitoring applications and start monitoring real customer experiences

Find and fix client-side performance issues

Install Raygun Real User Monitoring in minutes using a lightweight library that you can easily add to your website or web application. For mobile apps, we have platform-specific SDKs too.

Performance monitoring that highlights things to improve

Automatically identify front-end performance issues causing slow and frustrating load times. Discover why users have poor quality experiences and access detailed diagnostics and trends on the root causes.

Improve your user experience with real-time insights

Enjoy a window into how specific users are experiencing your software. Retrace the journeys users navigated through, where they encountered slow page loads, errors, or simply abandoned their session.

"Raygun helps me identify problems and frequently adds value at every stage of the development process."

Ross Hawkins - Owner, Ignition Development

Monitor and improve frontend performance

Poor page load speeds ultimately cost you sales. Discover when your customers are experiencing poor page load speeds across your websites and web applications, alongside all the diagnostic information you need to improve.
Frontend Performance Monitoring
User Session

Real user sessions, at your fingertips

Walk through every user session

Retrace each user's navigation and easily identify where they encountered slow page load speeds and errors.

Get instance level diagnostics into every page request

Understand exactly how your application performed for every page request, with a full load breakdown and waterfall timeline.

Prioritize performance improvements

Make informed decisions about where to prioritize performance optimizations in order to have the biggest impact on your users' experience.

Identify the root cause of slow-loading pages

See which assets are slowing things down with a full breakdown of load times across DNS, latency, SSL, server, and transfer times

Understand the performance for different user cohorts

View and compare performance analytics across browsers, geographies, devices, operating systems, versions, and more.
Load Speed Waterfall

"It's my job to figure out how to provide our customers with the high standard digital experiences that we want to deliver. From my perspective, Raygun plays a critical role in that."

Greg Shackles - Principal Engineer, Olo

Monitor your mobile app performance

Actionable insights into how to improve your mobile application load speeds. Real User Monitoring for mobile offers complete peace of mind that your application is performing as expected for your users.
Mobile Performance Tracking
Version Tracking

See which app versions are hurting your end user experience

Break down which application versions your customers are using and also in which particular versions users are experiencing crashes.
Detailed breakdowns show you which devices and operating systems users are using, which are affected by problems and whether the user's location is a factor.

Understand how network calls affect your application performance

Your mobile code can be blazingly fast, but it's likely talking to back-end services and calling third party APIs. Network calls can all hurt the performance of your application due to lag, or just poor performing services. Raygun tracks all network calls automatically giving you detailed insight into their speeds, so you can truly understand the performance your users experience.
App Performance
Release Tracking

Insurance for your mobile application traffic

Only 16% of users will try a failing app more than twice - don't let yours be one of them. Real User Monitoring gives you peace of mind that your application is performing as expected for your users.
See every user session, every crash and every performance issue they encounter and never be left guessing how your app is experienced out in the wild.

Real User Monitoring Pricing

Per 10K sessions, per month
Annual (save up to 30%)
Volume discounts available. Contact sales
  • Easily diagnose and resolve front-end performance issues
  • Understand how end users are experiencing your software
  • Full observability into server-side traces collected by Raygun APM
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