Real User Monitoring

Monitor and improve front-end performance

Unlock real-user insights into front-end performance to quickly identify and resolve issues impacting your end user experience.

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Raygun Real user Monitoring
Real User Monitoring Dashboard

Superior visibility into front-end performance

Surface real-user insights you can trust. Understand how your website or application performs in the hands of your users across both desktop and mobile.

  • First-class language support for JavaScript, Angular, Xamarin, React, iOS, and Android
  • Get set up in minutes with lightweight SDKs and just a few lines of code
  • Flexible and affordable pricing with unlimited apps and team members

Quickly identify and diagnose performance bottlenecks

Track website and application performance trends in real-time. Drill into slow pages, get instance-level diagnostics, and find the root cause of poor performance, faster. 

  • Identify performance spikes and isolate problematic areas of your website or application  
  • Get a full waterfall breakdown of load times across DNS, latency, SSL, server, and transfer times
  • See individual user sessions with instance-level diagnostics of every page request

Prioritize actions that have the biggest impact

Focus on the metrics that matter most to you and your customers. Monitor and compare segments and prioritize high-impact optimizations.

  • View the full performance distribution of users and drill into specific cohorts for additional context
  • Filter and compare data by time, geo-location, browser, device, and more for greater control and granularity
  • Monitor and improve Core Web Vitals with detailed real-user insights of your exact target audience

Make performance a feature with real-user insights at its core

Never let a poor experience go unnoticed again. Build an unbeatable workflow that empowers your development team and delights customers.

Real User Monitoring Dashboard

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Real User Monitoring Dashboard

Unify your monitoring into a single, modern solution

Raygun’s full suite of error and performance monitoring tools give you complete, real-time visibility into the health and performance of your software.

  • Use Real User Monitoring in combination with Error Monitoring and Crash Reporting to correlate errors and crashes with performance issues
  • Get complete visibility into front-end and server-side performance when used with APM 
  • Visualize trends and view the health of your applications at a glance with highly customizable dashboards

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A Real User Monitoring tool for customer-centric teams

“I would absolutely recommend Raygun. It's easy to get started and you’ll quickly get real visibility into what your users are actually experiencing.”

Greg Shackles - Principal Engineer at Olo
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“Raygun is only going to help your software teams get better, especially RUM, which I can’t live without. We see Raygun as an extension of our team and our company.”

Jeb Baugh - Senior Engineering Manager at Praeses
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“Raygun gives us the ability to know about issues so we can respond quickly and give our customers the best experience that they deserve and expect.”

David Corbett - Senior Engineering Manager at Pushpay
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Learn why you need to invest in your customer experience

Harness Core Web Vitals with RUM

Core Web Vitals are Google’s industry-standard scores of user experience, helping developers to more effectively focus effort and measure impact. Learn how to find, improve, and maintain your Core Web Vitals scores with our actionable tips and integrated RUM workflow.

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