You can receive daily performance notifications directly to a designated team chat room.

The notifications are designed to keep you informed on key information including:

  • Overall website speed
  • Median load time
  • Number of users experiencing slower load times
  • Spread (5th-95th percentile)
  • Popular but slow pages
  • Popular but slow AJAX calls
  • Session information
  • User satisfaction average

Setting up Slack

1. First, integrate your Raygun application with Slack

2. In the Slack ‘Setup’ tab

  • Check ‘Enabled’ under ‘Real User Monitoring Daily Digest’
  • Select a time you would like to receive the notification after

A screenshot of the Raygun Slack integration, highlighting the RUM daily digest and the Save changes button.

3. Click ‘Save Changes’

Now, you will start receiving a daily performance report that looks like the image below. You’ll have all the details you need to set performance benchmarks for your business and see improvements or weaknesses that need to be addressed:

A screenshot of the Raygun Slack integration output in the Slack app, with details about the daily RUM metrics.

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