Our Raygun4WP plugin allows you to easily setup Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring on Wordpress websites without you having to write a single line of code.

This plugin utilizes lower-level Raygun providers to add this functionality:

  • Raygun4PHP is used to track server-side errors and exceptions
  • Raygun4JS tracks errors and monitors user performance on the client-side

Add the Raygun4WP plugin using the admin panel located inside of your WordPress website. Raygun4WP is available on wordpress.org/plugins/raygun4wp/.

  1. Navigate to your Wordpress admin panel, click on Plugins and then Activate Raygun4WP
  2. Go to the Raygun4WP settings panel either by the sidebar or admin notification
  3. Copy your Raygun Application's API key and paste it into the API key field
  4. Enable Error Tracking (both server-side and client-side), Real User Monitoring and any other options
  5. Save your changes
  6. Done!

You can enable Real User Monitoring under the Pulse - Real User Monitoring section.

Real User Monitoring

note: User details will be included if you have user tracking enabled.

Enable server-side error tracking to gain visibility on PHP errors occurring when rendering your website. Automatically track JavaScript errors that occur in your user's browsers by enabling client-side error reporting.

Raygun for wordpress crash reporting settings

Include the currently logged in user details (email address, first name and last name) with each crash report or RUM session. The user's information will then be displayed when viewing crash reports and user sessions.

Enable user tracking

note: When a user is not logged in, no user information will be sent and instead a random ID will be assigned to the user.

The string properties on a User have a maximum length of 255 characters. Users who have fields that exceed this amount will not be processed.

Tags are custom text allowing you to easily identify errors. JavaScript and PHP errors can be tagged independently through a comma-delimited list in the field on the settings page.

Raygun for wordpress error tagging

tip: Error, JavaScript would add two tags. The first being Error second one being JavaScript.

You can enter a comma-delimited list to prevent certain domains from sending errors and from being tracked with Real User Monitoring.

Domains to ignore for Crash Reporting and RUM

The provider is open source and available at the Raygun4JS repository.