Raygun APM provides server-side application performance monitoring that brings a whole new dimension to how you build and maintain software.

Raygun’s application performance monitoring (APM) delivers both trend and real time server performance and user experience data about your application. Together with Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring, the Raygun platform monitors your entire technology stack and alerts you when errors and performance issues occur, so you don’t need to.

Raygun APM visualizes your performance data into charts and reports that your team can easily understand. Our unique automatic issue creation engine curates a list of your most urgent performance issues for you, sorted by priority. This means your tech teams no longer need to guess at the priority of an issue or where a performance blocker is coming from. With Raygun APM, we proactively identify and alert you to the performance problems, before they impact your end users.

Please note that Raygun APM currently only supports .NET (including Azure App Service). Other language support such as .NET Core are still in the works and will be made available in the near future. You can follow the instuctions here to register your interest in other platforms and languages.

Ready to get started?

Setup instructions will be different depending on which type of customer you are. Select the best option for you:

New to Raygun
Already a Standard Platform plan customer
Already a Single Product (Crash Reporting or RUM) only Plan
Already a Custom Plan customer

New to Raygun

You are new to Raygun if you haven’t taken a trial of any of Raygun’s products before. You will need to start a 14-day trial and implement the following steps.

  1. Choose an existing ASP.NET app to add Raygun APM to, or create a new ASP.NET app
  2. Setup and configure your Raygun Agent by following the onscreen instructions
  3. Generate some traffic for your app
  4. Wait a few minutes for Raygun to start receiving your data
  5. Log in to your Raygun account, go to the app you’ve chosen and click on “APM” to start using Raygun APM
  6. If data does not appear after waiting a few minutes, please check your setup and try again or contact Raygun by using the “Contact Raygun” link in the sidebar of your app

System requirements:

  • .NET 4.5 installed (Windows Server 2008 or above)
  • 2 GHz or faster multi-core processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 2 GB available hard disk space
  • 64-Bit Windows

Already a Platform plan customer

Standard Platform plan customers have Raygun Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring. Raygun APM traces and overages are included in these plans. The overages limit is set at 20 million traces per month and is turned on by default.

Custom Platform plans do not include APM. If you’d like to have APM included in your custom plan, you will need to contact us.

Raygun APM is currently only available for .NET applications.

Already a Single Product only customer

You are a Single Product customer if you have either Raygun Crash Reporting or Real User Monitoring. To get started with Raygun APM, click on “APM” in the sidebar of your Raygun app and then click on the ‘Start trial’ button to start your 14 day trial. If you’d like to continue using Raygun APM after your trial, you will need to add a paid Raygun APM plan to your existing subscription.

Alternatively, to get the best value from Raygun, try a Platform Plan. You’ll get Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring events plus APM traces for a great price. Visit the pricing page for details on pricing.

Raygun APM is currently only available for .NET applications.

Already a Custom plan customer

A Custom plan is any plan outside of our standard pricing system. This includes both Custom Platform plans as well as Custom Single Product plans. If you’d like to have APM included in your plan, you will need to contact us.

Raygun APM is currently only available for .NET applications.