Custom data and tags

Attach your own custom data to send additional contextual information when the error occurs. All custom data is then searchable within Raygun so you can pinpoint errors with greater speed and accuracy.

Sending custom data

For example we may wish to include some user information around the error or some contextual information to help us debug it more quickly.

Here we have added the custom data and sent that to Raygun with the error payload :

handler: "From Raygun4JS snippet global error handler"

The information now appears on the custom tab in the error diagnostics.

Raygun custom data

Sending custom tags

You can also send custom tags with error details, which then become visible and searchable within Raygun error details. Tags will appear at the top of the custom tab and look like this.

Raygun custom data

Supported languages

Refer to the documentation for each language provider for set up instructions and how to send this data to Raygun.