AI Error Resolution

Experience the next level of error diagnostics with our AI Error Resolution tool. This feature allows you to identify and tackle errors swiftly with just a click, using advanced AI technology powered by OpenAI and Azure OpenAI.

Getting Started with AI Error Resolution

Ready to accelerate your error resolution process? Here's how you can leverage the AI Error Resolution tool within Raygun Crash Reporting.

Ensure you have the following:

  1. Open an Error Report: Navigate to the Crash Reporting section and click on an error group.
  2. Open AI Error Resolution: On the error group page, you will find the "AI Error Resolution" button. Click this to open AI Error Resolution.
  3. Configure Your AI Provider: (One time setup)
    • Select OpenAI or Azure OpenAI from the list of AI providers.
    • OpenAI
      • Enter your OpenAI API key and select your preferred GPT model (GPT-4 is default).
    • Azure OpenAI
    • Click "Connect & fix my errors!".
  4. Get AI Suggestions: AI suggestions should now start streaming.


Once your AI provider is set up, you will get full access to AI Error Resolution. We craft a prompt preloaded with information from the stack trace and associated error data to deliver actionable responses to resolve your errors.

You can chat with this tool collaboratively. Typing indicators are shown whenever teammates are typing, so it's always clear who is using the chat.

Typing Indicator

AI Error Resolution is integrated with the existing comments feature on error groups. Simply press the comment button in the AI chat, and it will create a link back to your conversation to be posted into the comments section.

Comment Button

Comment Example

You're not restricted to a single chat session. By clicking the "New Chat" button, you can initiate another instance of the chat tool, providing a fresh workspace to ask questions and explore further responses.

You can access older chat sessions via the "History" button, where a list of all previous chats will be displayed.

New Chat and Chat History buttons

AIER Chat History

If you've already setup an AI provider on your plan (e.g., OpenAI) and you want to use another provider (e.g., Azure OpenAI), you can do so under the "New Chat" button. Clicking the dropdown next to the "New Chat" button will show a list of all AI providers available to your plan, including those you've not yet set up. If you select an AI provider that is not set up, you will be taken to that provider's setup page to enter the required details.

Setup another AI Provider

Azure OpenAI Setup

Tips for Better Responses

Providing more context with each error report enhances Robbie's recommendations. Try including more information in your error reports to Raygun for optimal responses. For example, you could implement some of the following ideas:

  • Custom Data: Enrich error context by adding relevant custom data such as user actions, input data, and settings.
  • Breadcrumbs: Use breadcrumbs to show the sequence of events leading to the error. This helps trace the issue back to its source.
  • Tags: Tag errors consistently to categorize and prioritize them efficiently, using tags such as 'production' or 'critical'.
  • Detailed Stack Traces: Ensure stack traces are complete and include specific method names and line numbers.
  • Meaningful Error Messages: Write clear and descriptive error messages to aid in quicker diagnostics.