The Versions tab gives you a historical look at how well each version of your app is going.

Version usage chart

This chart shows the number of times your app is used for each version in each day of the selected time range. Overall, you want to see an upwards trend, indicating that your app is being used more and more, most likely by more users. A downwards trend could indicate that a newly released version has a problem with it that has people using it less. Another thing you’ll be able to see in this chart is whether people are updating to newer versions of your app, or sticking with older versions for a long time.

Crashes by version table

The Crashes by version table gives you valuable insight into how many crashes each of your versions experience. Please note that in order for this table to show useful information, you’ll want to enable Raygun Crash Reporting in your application which is a separate product.

The versions are ordered with the most recent version first so that you can easily compare how well they are doing.

  • Version is the version number of your application which automatically gets picked up by the Raygun provider in your application. Click the version to see a filtered list of crashes for just that version.
  • Crashes is the number of individual crashes that your application experienced per version. A crash means that the application closed down, so this does not include exceptions that don’t cause a crash.
  • Users impacted is the number of users that had your application crash per version. This number gives a better idea of how much impact your application crashes have. A high number of crashes that only affect a few users is better than your application crashing for all your users.
  • Crash free users is the percentage of users per version that didn’t witness a crash. This is a good indication of how healthy your application is crash-wise, so you should aim to boost this number as high as possible.