Raygun Real User Monitoring collects all the browser data to help you understand what browsers your end users are using. You can see exactly which versions of popular browsers are in use, or choose to group them by browser type.

Browser usage

The browser usage, in percentages, is located at the top of the screen so you can see the most popular browsers by view at a glance:

The Average load times table shows the average load times for each browser across the date range specified:

If the data has a large range of browser load times, viewing the data with the logarithmic scale turned on might make the graph easier to read. The checkbox is located in the upper right corner.

Browser statistics

The Top 50 browsers table displays the percentage and number of views per specific browser version in descending order, as well as the percentage and number of users per browser. You can also group the browsers together by clicking the checkbox in the upper right corner.