Our agent runs on Heroku using a buildpack. See instructions for setting up the agent for your language below:

If you run into problems using the Heroku buildpack, here are some steps to gather more information:

Debug logging

Set a heroku config var of "Raygun_LogLevel" equal to "Debug":

APM issues table

You can then observe the logs either from the Heroku UI or using the heroku logs command. If the agent is working as expected, you should see some messages like [] INFO: Delivered batch of 1 traces, success = True in your log.

Status checks

We provide a tool called rgc that can run status checks on the agent. To use it, first exec into your dyno using:

heroku ps:exec --app <app name>

Then, run the status checks via:

~/.apt/opt/raygun-apm/bin/agent/rgc -status

Make sure the agent is running

Exec into the dyno:

heroku ps:exec --app <app name>

then check the agent service is running:

ps aux | grep RaygunAgent

View configuration file

The agent configuration file is stored at /app/share/Raygun/AgentSettings/agent-configuration.json

You can view this file after using heroku ps:exec to connect to your dyno, or by running this command from your host to copy the file to your machine:

heroku ps:copy /app/share/Raygun/AgentSettings/agent-configuration.json

If your problems persist, please contact us, and attach any information you have gathered along with the framework and framework version you are using.