AWS Elastic Beanstalk

The Raygun Agent can be installed into an AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment using .ebextensions

Note these instructions are tailored to a Web server environment using the .NET (Windows/IIS) preconfigured platform.

Add the following configuration file to your web application's source code to install the Raygun Agent Windows service and register your application for tracing.

Save the following as raygun-apm.config and add it to the root of your application zip file uploaded to AWS.


    cwd: "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Raygun\\RaygunAgent"
    command: rgc.exe -register [API-KEY]
    ignoreErrors: true

    cwd: "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Raygun\\RaygunAgent"
    command: rgc.exe -enable DefaultAppPool -type IIS -apikey [API-KEY]
    ignoreErrors: true

Open the Elastic Beanstalk console, upload your new application version with the embedded raygun-apm.config file and deploy it to your environment.

Read more on deploying your application in the AWS Elastic Beanstalk developer guide.

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