Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services that integrates with Raygun to send error group alerts to the Slack channel of your choice. Respond faster than ever to software issues using our Slack integration.

Slack Integration Setup Page

How to Setup and Upgrade your Slack integration:

Step 1. Head to your integrations tab:

Step 2. Click on the Slack logo:

Step 3. Click ‘Setup’, then ‘Upgrade/Set up Slack’:

Step 4: Select features

From here, you will get a success message. Click on the options you would like to include and ‘Save changes’. After authorizing the channel, you will need to select and enable any features you wish to use. Don’t what interactive buttons added to your error messages? Simply disable the ‘Interactive Messages’ option. Slack is now all set up and will send notifications to the selected the channel:

Step 5: Register usernames

Other team members that wish to use the new features will need to head over to the integration and sign in with Slack by clicking the ‘Sign in with Slack’ button in the ‘Plugins & Integrations’ tab:

Raygun will then request access to your Slack channel. Clicking ‘Authorize’ will allow Raygun to send error notifications to your designated Slack channel:


Raygun will send notifications to your Slack channel when the follow happens

  • New error occured
  • Error reoccured after being resolved or ignored
  • Error still occuring 1, 5, 10, 30, 60 minute/s later
  • User comments on an error
  • User has resolved/ignored an error

tip: Need help setting up the Slack integration? Hit ‘Contact Us’ in the sidebar of your application to get in touch with our support team.