PagerDuty integrates with monitoring systems to intelligently route actionable incidents to the right team for real-time response. Errors received by Raygun can then raise monitoring alerts to catch any issues early.

Setup instructions

  1. In the application sidebar, click on Integrations, then PagerDuty:

  2. Click the Setup tab, then enter your Service integration key:

    To get the ‘Service integration key’, log in to PagerDuty, go to ‘Configuration’ and click on ‘Services’. Choose the service or application that you want to connect to Raygun. Copy the ‘IntegrationKey’ and paste it in the ‘Service integration key’ above.

  3. Click the ‘Enabled’ checkbox and hit ‘Save changes’. Done!

  4. This integration will raise alerts to PagerDuty based on configured thresholds for new errors or reoccurring errors (e.g. an error which was previously ignored occurring again). You can specify the number of errors over a given time which will raise an alert in each case.

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