Single Sign On

Basic SSO

Basic SSO using GitHub, Google, Twitter and Facebook is available to all users. At the Raygun login page, just choose which service you would like to use to access Raygun:

Basic SSO controls found on sign-in screen

Basic SSO uses the login credentials for a service, such as Google, to access multiple applications, such as Raygun. Using Basic SSO removes the need to re-authenticate when switching between applications.

Advanced SSO / SAML-based SSO

Advanced SSO is available for customers on Business and Enterprise level plans. We support the SAML2 (Security Assertion Markup Language) standard for authenticating users and logging them into the application.

To get your enterprise integrated with Raygun SSO please contact our team by either sending us an email or by using the “Contact Raygun” link within the application. We will get in touch to complete the integration process with your identity provider.

Once integration has been completed, users can log in to Raygun using SSO by either using the “Sign-in with SSO” link from the main application sign-in page or by using the custom endpoint that we will have supplied for you during the integration process. When signing in using SSO you will be redirected to your identity provider (e.g. G-Suite), where you may need to complete additional steps (e.g. selecting the authenticating account) before being redirected back to Raygun. If you have two-factor authentication applied to your account, you will still need to supply an authentication token before completing the authentication process.

For provisioning new team members, you will first need to create a new account for your team member with the email address on the account matching the email address which will be supplied by your identity provider. Alternatively, you can invite the team member into your organization. Your team members must be joined to your Raygun team for authentication to succeed.

For de-provisioning users from the system, you can either contact us to delete the user account, or remove the team member from the user’s team in your Raygun account.

If you would like to ensure all users on your team must authenticate through your single sign-on provider, please contact us and we can apply this policy to your account.