Getting started

Now that you’ve signed up for APM we are here to help you get started. The following steps will help you set up your Raygun account and start monitoring real time server performance, and seeing all the diagnostic information you need to solve your biggest performance questions.

1. Choose an existing application, or create a new one within Raygun

As a new user, you may be wondering what an application is. You can think of applications as containers used to segment data inside Raygun. With unlimited applications, you can monitor many different software projects and development environments within one Raygun account.

tip: We recommend creating one application for each of your environments, e.g. one for development and one for production. Find out more in our Workflow Guide

2. Setup and configure your Raygun Agent

  • Download and install the latest agent.
  • Navigate to APM in your Raygun app and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the set up.

3. Generate some traffic for your app

You can do this by navigating to your website and clicking through a few pages, or send some requests to your API.

4. Wait a few minutes for Raygun to start receiving your data

If data does not appear after waiting a few minutes, take a look at our troubleshooting guides.

Experiencing trouble sending data to Raygun? Hit 'Contact Us' in the sidebar of your application to get in touch with our support team.

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