Use Raygun's Deployment Tracking capabilities to be alerted to issues caused by bad releases.

Deployment Tracking will allow you to correlate error groups to your deployment versions. Notifying Raygun when you release your software.

You'll be able to instantly spot problematic deployments along with the commits that made up each of them. You'll then be able to see which errors occurred in the deployment version, which were fixed, and which are still occurring.

Tracking Deployments in Raygun

Once set up, new deployments and their details will appear on the Deployments page inside Raygun. You can filter these by date and time. Details of the deployment version, notes, person and time are all easily viewable. Click on the deployment version to see the details of each release.

Tracking Deployments in Raygun

Raygun will now display new errors that have occurred in the deployment version, any regressions and errors that are still occurring. This gives you a great view of which errors you have eliminated and which you have introduced with your latest codebase updates. Deployment tracking correlates by version number, so even if you have multiple versions live, your error reports will always be correlated to the correct deployment.

Deployment Tracking is a simple to use but powerful feature we think you're going to love. To get started, make sure you are supplying a version number in your error reports, this will allow Deployment Tracking to correlate your error reports to specific deployments. Next choose your deployment tool, we have plenty of options as described below. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are having any trouble getting Deployment Tracking working with your applications.

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