The breadcrumbs feature allows you to attach a trail of the events through your system leading up to the moment a crash report was generated. Gaining more insight into why your Application crashed when it did, making debugging errors much easier.

Any crash report that comes in with Breadcrumbs attached will have the 'Breadcrumbs' tab available. The tab does not show if a crash report has no breadcrumbs attached.

JavaScript breadcrumbs feature in Raygun

Breadcrumbs displayed in Crash Reporting are from oldest to newest. Each breadcrumb has an associated icon indicating the type of crumb and a color representative of the supplied severity with the available options being:

  • Debug, represented as blue
  • Info, represented as teal
  • Warning, represented as yellow
  • Error, represented as red

tip: You can set a minimum level of breadcrumb to report. This way you can add detailed debug breadcrumbs and only enable them in situations you need to avoid cluttering your breadcrumb trails with excessive information.

Raygun can report Breadcrumbs the two following ways:

  1. You can choose specific portions of your code you deem important and manually leave breadcrumbs there with information about the state of the system.

  2. Raygun4JS allows you to automatically create Breadcrumbs for specific important events (like network requests, element clicks, and database queries)

Raygun4JS automatically records the following events:

  • Console messages
  • Network requests
  • Navigation events
  • Element clicks
  // Disables all automatic breadcrumb integrations

  // Disables automatic breadcrumbs from console messages

  // Disables automatic breadcrumbs from navigation events

  // Disables automatic breadcrumbs from element clicks

  // Disables automatic breadcrumbs from XMLHttpRequests

   * Disable particular XHR calls by suppling a list of strings and/or regexes.
   * Strings use a indexOf match against the host.
   * Regexes are matched against the host.
  rg4js('setAutoBreadcrumbsXHRIgnoredHosts', ['hostname']);

   * Set the minimum breadcrumb level to record with crash reports.
   * Any breadcrumb with a level equal to or greater will be sent.
   * Accepted values listed in order: 'debug', 'info', 'warning' and 'error'
   * Default level is 'info'
  rg4js('setBreadcrumbLevel', 'info');

   * Include body contents of XHR requests/responses as Breadcrumb metadata.
   * Defaults to false
  rg4js('logContentsOfXhrCalls', true);

 * Record a breadcrumb suppling only a message and optionally some custom data
  { // (optional custom data)
    object: 'custom data that will be attached to the breadcrumb'

 * Supply a breadcrumb configuring the level, location and metadata
rg4js('recordBreadcrumb', {
  message: 'breadcrumb-message',
  metadata: {
    object: 'custom data that will be attached to the breadcrumb'
  level: 'info',
  location: 'class:method'

To prevent payloads becoming too large we only keep the most recent 32 breadcrumbs and also limiting the size of recorded network request/response text to 500 characters.