Currently available for Ruby, .NET and .NET Core.

Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services that integrates with Raygun to send issue alerts to the Slack channel of your choice. Respond faster than ever to software issues using our Slack integration.

Slack Integration Setup Page

Setup instructions

Step 1: Go to the Integrations page in Raygun.

Step 2: In the Slack configuration, go to the Setup tab

Step 3: Click Set up Slack and you’ll be taken through the Slack authentication process.

Sign in to your workspace:

Log in to your account if you haven’t already:

Step 4: Select the Slack channel you would like APM trace messages to be sent to and click Authorize.

You’ll receive an email from Slack confirming that a new app has installed.

You should see this green success message on the Setup page once it’s connected:

Step 5: Check the Enabled box under APM, configure the other controls to your preferences.

Step 6: Go to the channel in the Slack application and you should see issue messages coming through:

tip: Need help setting up the Slack integration? Hit ‘Contact Us’ in the sidebar of your application to get in touch with our support team.