Setup instructions

Step 1: Go to the Integrations page in Raygun.

Integrations page with Slack highlighted

Step 2: In the Slack configuration, go to the Setup tab

Slack setup page

Step 3: Click Set up Slack and you’ll be taken through the Slack authentication process.

Sign in to your workspace:

Sign in to your workspace

Log in to your account if you haven’t already:

Log in to your account

Step 4: Select the Slack channel you would like APM trace messages to be sent to and click Authorize.

Authenticate Raygun

You’ll receive an email from Slack confirming that a new app has installed.

You should see this green success message on the Setup page once it’s connected:

Green success message telling you that Slack has connected.

Step 5: Check the Enabled box under APM, configure the other controls to your preferences.

Enable APM

Step 6: Go to the channel in the Slack application and you should see issue messages coming through:

APM issue in Slack