GitHub is a source code hosting and issue tracking service. You can easily connect Raygun error groups to GitHub issues. This integration is even smart enough to resolve a bug in Raygun when you mark an issue as resolved in GitHub AND link stacktraces in Raygun error groups back to GitHub.

Setup Instructions

  1. In Raygun, on the application sidebar, click Integrations, then GitHub:

  1. Click the Setup tab, then click the blue ‘Github’ button which will open a new window at

    Enter your login credentials, and grant it permission when it asks. See below for details.

  2. Once it is finished, return to Integrations, then click on ‘GitHub’ and select a repository from the new drop down menu.

  3. Hit the ‘Save’ button, and you’re done!

  4. View an error group in Raygun Crash Reporting and you’ll notice an ‘Integrations’ dropdown option. Click on ‘Integrations’ and pick GitHub to create a new issue for the error, or link with an existing one:


Getting a 404 error after granting it permissions? Go to your GitHub account settings, click on ‘Profile’, and make sure you have a ‘Name’ entered.

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