Error statuses

Error statuses help keep everyone on the same page when it comes to error management. You can build an unbeatable workflow around error detection and resolution with your team by assigning each error as active, resolved, ignored or permanently ignored to organise errors depending on their current status.


When you first see an error come into Raygun it is placed in the active tab. When you make a fix in your codebase, you can mark it as resolved ain Raygun. Should it re-occur, it will be placed back in the active tab.

Raygun resolve in version

Your aim is to get your errors from the active status into the resolved status as they will be fixed and no longer affecting your users. If there are errors you cannot fix (third party scripts or high frequency issues unrelated to your code) you can use the ignored and permanently ignored statuses to remove them from your workflow and not be notified about them and in some cases, stop them from using up your monthly error quota uneccessarily.

Resolve in version


This resolved in version feature needs you to set the version property on your Raygun error reports.

This process should be detailed in the documentation for your Raygun client library, or contact us for assistance.

If version of your software is generating a NullPointerException. You fix this error in version of your software. You can mark the error as Resolved in Version, and no longer receive new notifications for that error.

You then release, but the error wasn’t resolved and keeps happening in that version or any future version of your code/application, this will cause you to receive a notification that the error has re-occurred, and the error will be set back to Active.

Raygun resolve in version

You can also choose to discard future error instances below the resolved version.

Ignoring errors

This removes the error from all active count as above, but if a new error instance arrives it will be reassigned to Active.

The permenantly ignored error status is useful for ignoring situations like web crawlers that request invalid routes. No notifications will ever be delivered for any error group with this status, until you manually reassign it to Active in the dashboard.

Raygun resolve in version

Permanently Ignored errors still count towards your quota unless you choose to discard all future occurrences in the dialog that appears when marking them as Permenantly Ignored.