$ ember install ember-cli-raygun --api_key='paste_your_api_key_here'

Alternatively, you can set your API key manually by starting with:

$ ember install ember-cli-raygun

Next, set your API key in config/environment.js:

var ENV = {
  // ...
  raygun: {
    apiKey:  "paste_your_api_key_here",
    enableCrashReporting: (environment === "production")
  // ...

The default blueprint (which runs during ember install ember-cli-raygun) will add the above config in your app's config/environment.js file.

Raygun will now track errors in your deployed application. By default, Ember CLI Raygun is disabled unless your environment is set to "production". You can configure this behavior in config/environment.js.

Additional Configruation

To enable Customers, add the following snippet into your application route in app/routes/application.js:

// ...
  @service user;
  @service raygun;

  beforeModel: () {

  setRaygunUser: () {
      identifier: this.get("user.id"),
      isAnonymous: false,
      email: this.get("user.email"),
      firstName: this.get("user.firstName"),
      fullName: this.get("user.fullName")
// ...

ember-cli-raygun will automatically inject the Raygun4JS bootstrap script into the head of your Ember app. This is the most reliable way to catch errors (even during app initialization).

If you’re using CORS without unsafe-inline, you’ll need to add the following directives to ensure rg4js and Raygun load correctly:

  • script-src

    • 'sha256-kOJzCjwwBHVC6EAEX5M+ovfu9sE7JG0G9LcYssttn6I='
    • 'http://cdn.raygun.io'
  • connect-src

    • 'https://api.raygun.io'

Functions you might need on rg4js are exposed as an Ember Service, for instance tracking custom events:

import Route from '@ember/routing/route';
import { inject as service } from '@ember/service';

export default class IndexRoute extends Route {
  @service raygun;

  beforeModel() {
      type: 'customTiming',
      name: 'IndexRouteBeforeModel',
      duration: 1200

The provider is open source and available at the Ember CLI Raygun repository.