Inbound filters


Raygun Crash Reporting allows you to filter out errors before they are recorded in Raygun, keeping them from being counted against your monthly limit.

To start setting up Inbound Filters, click on this option under the Crash Reporting menu in the sidebar.

Raygun inbound filters location

Creating filters

The “Create an inbound filter” section allows you to specify new inbound filters you want to add for this application.

“Active inbound filters” shows you which inbound filters you have available and which inbound filters are currently active. Click the cross icon next to the filter to remove it.

Raygun inbound filters location

Note: Wildcards are supported for all inbound filter types. New inbound filters are NOT applied to currently stored exceptions, only to incoming exceptions after the inbound filters are created/activated.

Filter options

Inbound filters allow you do filter out errors from IP address, Machine name, HTTP paths, Versions, Error message, Custom tags and User agents.

Raygun inbound filter options