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In the world of digital transformation, where every company is a software company, the moviegoing experience now begins online. The small cinema sector is no exception, and the pressure is on for boutique cinemas to keep up with large multiplexes and meet online expectations.

“It’s not just about when you turn up to the cinema anymore. It’s about the entire booking process,” says Sean Jackson, Software Development Manager at Veezi. “Buying your ticket online needs to be as easy and simple as possible.”

To help independent cinemas provide the unique and frictionless experience that moviegoers crave, Veezi’s development team needs to deliver updates and features that are error-free.

“It’s incredibly important for Veezi to deliver a reliable experience.” Sean says.

Sean Jackson, Software Development Manager at Veezi
Vista Cinema software runs in 40% of the world's cinemas in 100-plus countries worldwide. If our customers aren't getting a reliable experience from us, that means their customers aren't getting a reliable experience from them.
Sean Jackson - Software Development Manager

As a manager, it’s Sean’s job to maintain development velocity by optimizing the time developers spend writing code. As part of that task, Sean is always looking for inefficiencies in processes and tooling. During a routine evaluation, he noticed that managing errors was consuming too much of his team’s time. Sean recognized that instead of testing every configuration and looking through error logs to diagnose errors, an error monitoring solution would alert them to errors and their cause.

Sean says that when they implemented Raygun Crash Reporting, he was able to introduce more efficient error management workflows. The results were excellent—his team saved hours every week—enabling them to optimize time spent writing features and delivering quality code to customers.

Collection of images showing Veezi by Vista using Raygun Crash Reporting to increase reliability

The confidence to deploy, even during times of increased load

Modern multiplexes have set the bar high for independent cinema. Moviegoers want a boutique experience, but still expect state-of-the-art screens, luxury seating, and flawless booking experiences.

Monitoring thousands of applications for software problems is challenging, but Veezi has built robust workflows that ensure—even with increased load from blockbuster movie releases—there is no downtime for their customers.

Sean explains: “For movie releases like the Avengers or a new Star Wars movie, we'll see up to 20 times our usual load coming through our ticketing systems.”

Even during these high-load windows, Raygun Crash Reporting gives the team confidence to deploy changes and bug fixes faster. “When we deploy a feature into our test system, being able to find any errors before we push it up to production and before our customers notice is absolutely critical. Raygun is absolutely an integral part of our workflow to enable deployment of better software faster.”

With Raygun’s Dashboard, Sean’s team can investigate and resolve errors before customers notice, allowing them to deliver their product more reliably and more quickly.

I think now we have one of the best workflows you would find anywhere. We're able to power through writing new features more of the time and that means better outcomes for our customers and their customers.

A best-practice workflow enables Veezi to innovate and scale up faster

A best-practice workflow enables Veezi to innovate and scale up faster

Online ticket sales for cinemas are increasing every year, and we know that moviegoers that purchase online are more likely to attend in groups, buy concession items and upgrade to premium seating. Therefore, more independent cinemas are turning to Veezi to help increase their online reputation and their bottom line.

As Veezi’s team grows and scales up to meet that demand, Sean wants to ensure the development team is always delivering new value and maintaining an error-free product.

"It's important for us to be able to have a lot of confidence in our own product. Because everyone here is really passionate about the movies, we are essentially customers of our customers. That motivates us to innovate faster and deliver our product as soon as achievable as well.”

Linbis uses Raygun Crash Reporting and Slack for proactive error monitoring

To create an effective method of detecting errors in production, Eric looked to Raygun Crash Reporting. One of the first steps Eric’s team took was to set up production alerts so that the development team is made aware of any issues in real-time.

“Raygun’s had a positive impact on our team; that ties back to the developer’s ability to spend most of their time writing features with confidence and reducing the lead time of feature delivery."

“Everyone is proud to be part of this unique business where we are supporting the independent cinema industry with a mission-critical product and in doing so, increasing both the standard of their moviegoer experience and the economic success of their cinemas.”

About Veezi and Vista Cinema

Veezi, engineered by Vista, is the leading independent cinema management software solution in the world. Running in the cloud, in more cinemas, in more countries than any other provider, you couldn't have better credentials to develop Veezi. A bunch of movie zealots working alongside Vista Cinema across 100+ countries (and counting), they understand the moviegoing experience and constantly strive to enhance it for all.

Visit www.veezi.com and follow Veezi on Facebook and Vista Cinema on LinkedIn and Twitter

To help their customer’s development and design teams create an inclusive brand experience for their patrons, Olo builds out customizable white-label mobile apps for clients. When Olo was building the first model of the white-label app, Greg Shackles, Principal Engineer, needed to make sure it was error free.

“Crashes can be devastating for any mobile application,” Greg says. “A bug in one of our apps means there's probably a bug in a hundred of our apps. We need to combat that as soon as possible.”

As a technical lead, Greg is the driver of technical solutions across Olo’s infrastructure. They pay attention to logs and metrics provided by tools like Datadog and SumoLogic, and recognized that Raygun’s Crash Reporting would complement their monitoring stack to help provide fully integrated error monitoring in production across all of their various systems.

With Raygun, Olo now had the end-to-end visibility needed to build a reliable and scalable white-label mobile app. Preventing errors before they became a problem meant they were now able to save the company time spent in potential re-work and bug fixing efforts.

Greg Shackles from Olo
Ultimately, all that really matters is how real users are feeling when they use your product. Raygun allows you to connect crash reporting, real user monitoring, and application monitoring together so you can see what that user experience is like from start to finish. That's incredibly powerful.
Greg Shackles - Principal Engineer

Great software experiences help Olo win in a highly competitive market

The end-user experience is critical when it comes to online ordering — just one broken payment button or slow loading page could cause sales to drop as customers abandon pages.

Monitoring a lot of mobile apps for performance problems could be seen as a challenge. But by holistically monitoring each app using the Raygun Platform, Olo’s development team can build a story about the quality of the user’s experience, demonstrating their success to the rest of the organization.

The team at Olo finds Raygun an important part of their technology stack for revealing the root cause of performance issues.

The flame charts showing server-side performance timings highlighted lingering issues in production. Greg explains, “After installing Raygun, we attempted to reproduce a recent production issue that took a while to track down. A brief look at the flame charts quickly pointed to the problem in a fraction of the time it had taken us before.”

collection of images showing Olo's office and customers

Creating flawless software experiences at scale

As consumers get more comfortable with the online ordering process, analysts predict that by 2023, over US$200 billion of the US$800 billion restaurant industry will be generated from online ordering.

Olo’s priority is to scale with that growth.

“We have bigger and bigger clients in the system, and as a part of that; harder problems,” Greg explains. “It’s my job to figure out how we build a more scalable system so we can handle the needs of those clients and provide their users with the standard of experiences that we want to deliver. From my perspective, Raygun plays a critical role in that, because if you don't know your users are experiencing errors, you can’t provide that level of service.”

“The last place that you want to hear that something is wrong in one of your applications is through a customer complaining — whether it's in an App Store review or going directly to the brand. Raygun allows us to have that introspection in real-time. We have visibility into people hitting errors so we can take action before the problem escalates.”

Regardless of what type of product you're building it's easy to get started and quickly get real visibility into what your users are actually experiencing.

About Olo

Olo is a privately held company that creates a digital ordering platform for restaurants like Denny’s, Five Guys, Shake Shack, Jamba Juice, and more. Olo’s mission is to give customers better, faster, and more personal service from the restaurants they love.

Of the publicly traded restaurants going digital in the United States, over 50% use Olo for digital ordering and delivery.

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